"Thank You" is just not said enough.

I'm guilty of it. I know I've received referrals from people in the past and felt extremely thankful but not expressed it to them. Never again.

This past week I booked a wedding as a result of a referral from White House Flowers - one of my favorite florists. I took it as the perfect opportunity to check off goal #38 from my 101 in 1001 list -- Develop a referral gift.

I knew I needed to come up with something that would appeal broadly and that would work for either one person or a group. Sprinkles Cupcakes had just the ticket. After all, who doesn't like cupcakes? Ok, some people might not but #1 - I don't understand them and #2 - I figured I'd throw in a Starbucks gift card and between cupcakes and coffee everyone should be happy.

Yesterday I went in to pick up my cupcake order. Well done on the branding Sprinkles:
My logo looks awfully scrumptious on sugar:
I made sure to attach a hand-written thank you card and the Starbucks gift card:
I drove over to White House's studio to drop off the gift and got to catch up with Dennis, Freda and Thomas. They have about 12 people who work at the shop so the dozen cupcakes worked out perfectly. When Dennis found out there was also a Starbucks card included, I got an exuberant hug.

As the first recipients of my referral gift, they were gracious enough to pose for a photo:
Yay! What a fun way to say thank you and also check another goal off my list!
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