It's time for the 4th installment of MJ's Faves! I'm having fun sharing some of my favorite things with you each month. I've got quite the assortment for you this round!

#1 -- FOUND boutique store
With my upcoming move I'm gaining some square footage. Most notably -- in my office. I'm super-excited to have a roomier space in which to meet clients and work on a daily basis! More space to fill means, among other things, SHOPPING!

I've done a ton of shopping online - grabbing screen captures of everything that inspires me. But I've also gotten out and about in the valley to some really fun boutique and antique furniture stores on the hunt for something unique. One of my favorites is this store - FOUND - in downtown Mesa. Check out the eye candy:
While walking around a couple pieces caught my eye. Two of these tufted chairs:
And this gorgeous bombay chest:
All three items now have sold signs and my name on them - YAY!! - but they get to hang out at the store for a few more weeks until I get my place ready to bring them home.

If you're interested, FOUND just started an online store you can find here.

#2 -- Garden Salsa Sun Chips
Sun Chips are the best chips. Garden Salsa is the best flavor. I'm addicted. That's all I have to say about that.

#3 -- Leticia, my house cleaner
Leticia has been cleaning my house faithfully every two weeks for years now. In addition to leaving my house sparkly, she is the sweetest lady.

In my mind, it's a no-brainer to outsource my house cleaning. It would take me twice as long as it takes Leticia and I can make more money working during the time it would take me to clean than it costs to pay her. Hands down it's the best $65 I spend every two weeks. She even does my sheets and trash! She really knows the way to this girl's heart :).

#4 -- Crystal deodorant spray
This may be TMI but this is the deodorant I use. I started using it years ago when I heard that deodorant that clogs pores, blocking the release of toxins from the body, can contribute to breast cancer in women. Not sure if that's true but it makes sense to me. I surely don't want to be trapping any toxins in my body. In addition, most common deodorants and antiperspirants on the market today contain aluminum and other harmful chemicals. Crysal products are all natural. If you're interested in an explanation of how they work, click here.

#5 -- My new old quilt
My grandpa - the one from this post - passed away last month. He was a sweet man and I have some great memories from visiting him in his lake home in northern Minnesota. He helped teach me to fish and was always good at telling stories and praising Jesus. Which is exactly what he's doing now. And I know I will see him again.

As a result of his passing, I inherited one of the quilts that HIS grandmother made. Lillie James was my mom's dad's dad's mom and she died in 1961. So this quilt was likely made sometime in the 40s or 50s. I just feel so blessed to have something from my family that contains so much history. I love old quilts but to be the owner of one that was made by my great-great-grandmother is really awe-inspiring. Plus I've quilted a little bit myself and I know the amount of time that is put into a piece like this. It's really unbelievable.

I can't wait to find a place for this treasure in my new home!!
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