This time next week I will be the proud owner of a new set of keys. They will fit in the front door of a cute painted brick 1950s build ranch style home in east Phoenix. It's only 17 miles down the road from where I live now, but I will be more centrally located and will have a bigger space in which to meet clients. Dixie will also be the proud and territorial owner of a spacious backyard with lots of grass and new things to smell.

Before I move in I will be bossing contractors around - and paying them generously - to get new flooring, new paint and to undertake a number of other changes. So I still don't have an official move date but I AM busy juggling a number of balls including packing boxes, scheduling workers, finding more furniture and making a gazillion huge decisions that right now seem like they will affect the course of the universe but in reality, will not.

Once I get into the house I will be sure to take before and after pictures and share the progress of the remodel with you. But for the next few weeks blogging frequency will likely slow. I hope you guys will still love me and stick around!

I'm off to pick wood flooring!
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