Oh. My. Goodness. This weekend I had the MOST FUN shooting Anthony and Chrissy's engagement shoot!! These two are getting married next Spring and they are a self-professed awkward and goofy couple. I beg to differ on the awkward part but they ARE goofy. That combined with their enjoyment of ATTEMPTING to cook combined for a dream shoot.

Anthony and Chrissy don't profess to be good cooks but they do enjoy taking cooking classes together and that gave me an idea to do their engagement shoot in a kitchen. Anthony just so happened to have generous friends with an AMAZING kitchen that they allowed us to shoot in. I was in heaven:
How fun are these colorful aprons that Anthony and Chrissy brought along?
These two were so much fun to shoot:
In addition to being cute, Anthony and Chrissy made cookies!
Once the cookies were in the oven we goofed around a bit:
I'm thinking all engagement shoots should wrap with these:
SO FUN!! Thanks for being up for something unique and creative Anthony and Chrissy! Can't wait for the wedding!
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