Yay! I get to check yet another goal off my 101 in 1001 list. Since I have a wedding-free summer, I'm taking advantage of the extra time to plow through some goals I have neglected during the busy season.

#32 -- Write a letter to the child I sponsor in Niger

I have a mortifying confession to make.

When I was 18 I started sponsoring a child in Niger through World Vision. A few weeks ago they sent me notice that I am now sponsoring a new 3 year old child in Niger. I called to inquire as to what happened to my first child and they said that she was 17 and aged out of the program! What the heck!? She was only 3 when I started sponsoring her. How did she grow up so fast!?

So here's the mortifying confession: Besides the cards that World Vision makes for you to send to your sponsored child, I never once wrote a letter to her!!! I know...I'm a loser.

It's one of those things I meant to do for the last few years. It was even on the first edition of my 101 in 1001 list. But I never got around to it. Do any of you have to-do lists like that? Ones that have items on them that aren't necessarily urgent, so you glance at them every once in awhile until they just blend in with your desk or computer? And then you're so used to seeing them there that they are no longer visible to your brain? Maybe it's just a disease that's unique to me. Regardless, it never happened.

This weekend I was talking with my friends Promise and Brian. I mentioned that I was planning to write to my sponsored child this week and they added to my mortification by sharing that they traveled to Kenya to VISIT their sponsored daughter. They said that she had a baggie of their letters and photos that she slept with near her bed! Wow. It was so convicting to hear how important and precious letters and photos are to these children who live with so little.

So this week I sat down and finally put pen to paper -- something that took me minutes to do -- and finally completed this simple goal. Hopefully it will be the first of many letters to come.
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