I've gotten a number of questions lately about how I'm able to retain the color and sharpness of my images when uploading to my blog or Facebook. I remember running into this issue early on when uploading images to the web. I'd spend all this time getting the image perfect on my monitor and then after uploading it, the color would be all faded out and it would just look like poo. There's nothing more frustrating!

Back in the day I did some googling and figured out what my issue was. I believe it had to do with my "save for web" settings but I can't remember exactly so I thought I'd just share my process with you so you know all of the settings I use.

I shoot in sRGB color space. I shoot in RAW. When converting from RAW to .jpg I have the following two boxes checked: "convert Profile to sRGB" and "Include ICC Profile."
I resize my .jpgs for the web to 880 px wide (for horizontal shots) then run Kevin Kubota's Magic Sharp action on them. I always use the history brush to erase the action on part of the image and to dilute it on the rest. I use it sparingly because over-sharpening looks gross. I used to be a photographer who over-sharpened but I realized the error of my ways.

Then I save for web. Make sure to use the "save for web" setting rather than just the "save as" setting because it will help your images load more quickly on your blog and website. The following is a screen shot of my save for web settings. Note the three boxes checked in the upper right quadrant:
That's it! Beyond these settings I have no other magic formula to share with you. But I hope this helps!

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