On Saturday night just before dinner, the groom stood, held his glass, and spoke.

"I was living a very nomadic life, but in May of 2008 I finally came home. And I learned that home was not a place... but a person."

Cameron and Laura met on May 31st, 2008. A few details from that first night stand out: it was late, it was at a Lebanese restaurant, it was with a group of friends, Laura sat down at the table first, Cameron immediately sat down next to her. Smart man. Laura was no fool either; from that very first night she knew that Cameron was different from anyone she'd known. He was confident, un-pretentious, well-balanced and complete. And the whole night, he couldn't stop smiling. We of course now know why; because he finally felt home.

Not long after that first night, they spent their first full weekend together. All day Saturday. All day Sunday. As dinner came to a close Sunday night and it was time to say good bye they both realized what a great weekend it had been. The best weekend. And how good it felt to be together. This feeling has never left them. This feeling has seen them through some difficult situations along their journey. And this feeling oozed out of every minute of their wedding day. I could see it in their eyes every time they looked at each other. Their love is solid, is confident, and happens in a glance.

Witnessing this couple, even from behind my camera, I noticed a powerful subtly to their relationship: they truly enjoy being together in silence. They were both so comfortable as individuals that the quiet moments between them served as moments of shared self-reflection. It was an honor to be the one to capture these moments - moments Laura said they will share with their children, their grandchildren, and for generations to come as they build this new home together as husband and wife.

Saturday started with some girl time in the most beautiful locker room I've ever seen at Silverleaf Club in Scottsdale. Laura's Amsale gown was so unique and looked AMAZING on her. And who doesn't love Kate Spade shoes?
Love this shot of Daphne, Laura's maid of honor, working on her toast:
Lau and Cam saw each other before the ceremony so we got some great portraits around Silverleaf:
A fun shot of Laura & Daphne:
The day provided perfectly gorgeous weather for an outdoor ceremony.
Laura descended a long staircase to meet her groom and took a peek at him half-way down:
She also took time to stop and kiss her brothers on the way up the aisle:
Love the emotion in these images:
Husband and wife!
The reception room was so cozy and the details were stunning:
A couple shots from the first dance:
The toasts were so touching. Love the emotion in these as well:
Near the end of the night an amazing mariachi band showed up and the party moved outside to this fire pit:
Lau's sister-in-law even got in on the performance:
I raise my glass to you Lau & Cam. I'm so happy you both found the person who feels like home. May your love inspire others as it did me.

If you'd like to see even more images from this amazing day, click here to see the slideshow!
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