Once again the MJ 2 Day was an all-estrogen event. Out of the three times I've given this workshop, only one brave man has attended. Just for the record -- men ARE welcome. But hey -- girls are fun! I had an amazing time getting to know each of these women -- four of whom are from Arizona, two from Canada and the rest are from DC, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Colorado. They are (from left to right starting at the top): Cindy Cooke, Stacey Hemeyer, Linda Hofschire, Rachel Boe, Alvina Penner, Donna Gelvin, Kat Hanafin, Niki Flynn, Dixie Dog, Heather Behlendorf, Maggie Olson, Stephanie Ortega, Jessica Hampton (my wonderful assistant!) and Ericha Farrington.

It was a great group and we packed the two days full to the brink. We covered shooting techniques, lighting, interacting with clients, posing, picking shooting locations, post-processing, off-camera flash, state of the market, workflow, album design & sales, vendor relations & networking, blogging & social media, initial client meetings, pricing, websites and branding. Phew! In essence, I poured the full contents of my brain on them. In the midst of all this learning, connections were made and relationships were formed. I think that's one of the best things about going to workshops! You come away with a whole new set of friends who share your passion!

Dixie was a bit disgruntled as always when her home is invaded by 12 new people. But she was quick to make friends:
And here's a fun group photo graciously taken by Promise after our mock shoot on Monday:
What a great workshop! It was fun and rewarding for me to see the attendees get excited about taking their photography and businesses to the next level. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for them!

The dates of the next MJ 2 Day are yet to be determined. But stay tuned -- I will announce them soon right here on the blog!
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