I'm having a rug conundrum.

I think it's time for a new rug in my upstairs living space. The one I have was originally supposed to be a temp and it's been with me for 4+ years -- clear through puppy potty training and all. It's just time. But I can't decide which rug to go with. I'm shopping online and sometimes it's SO hard to visualize what they will look like in my space.

So I thought I'd share my conundrum with my super-helpful internet friends and see if the haze clears. Just so you get an idea of what I have going on with the colors & patterns in the space already, here's some details:
And here's an overall shot with the current rug:
Another section of the room:
And one more perspective:
The rugs I'm considering are from Crate & Barrel and Dash & Albert. Here they are:
So do I have any decorating experts out there?!?

I kind of am liking #4 & #7 right now for the clean textured look but I know they will get dirty quick. #1, although it has some of the colors in my space is a bit on the crazy-bright side and some of the patterned rugs feel like they might be a little strong. So that's my conundrum. I would love to hear your thoughts! Help a girl out and leave me a comment with your pick! Or if you know of another place I should shop, let me know that too!
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