So I'm doing it again -- another list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. But this time it's version 2.0. Revised a bit. The last go around I completed 60 goals and was in the process of completing 8 more. Even though I didn't complete all 101, I know I was way more productive in reaching my goals than I would have been if I didn't write them down. And sharing them on my blog helped me to stay motivated and accountable.

I've heard that people who write down their goals make 9 times more money over the course of their lifetimes than those who don't. I'm guessing that's because people who write down their goals actually accomplish 9 times as much over the course of their lives than those who don't. And the money is just a side effect of productivity.

One thing I learned through the process last time around is that I change a lot over the course of 1001 days. My direction and goals changed course in ways I couldn't have predicted when I first started. So in this way 1001 days is a long period for a goal list. But on the other hand, it's a handy amount of time because it gives you several seasons in which to check off goals that might be seasonal in nature. So this time I'm going to change things up a bit. I'm going to allow myself to revise my goal list once a year to keep up with changes. I'd also like the chance to add new goals along the way when inspired so I'm going to leave some of the goals open and fill them in as I go. As a result, the list is looking a little wimpy right now but I know I've got some experiences coming up that will help me fill them in.

So here it is. 101 in 1001 version 2.0:

Start date: March 1, 2010
End date: November 26, 2012 (click here for the handy date calculator I used to figure the end date out)

1. Write my ideal client profile
2. Launch & promote new business idea - completed 3.21.12
3. Bring my personality out even more on my website/blog -- blog something personal once/weekish - completed 1.20.12
4. Create & give postcards to the vendors I work with featuring a photo of their work for use in their marketing
5. Develop new client kit - completed 2.17.11
6. Write an article for new clients on why to hire a wedding planner (to be included in above mentioned kit) - completed 3.18.10
7. Develop a better system for submitting to wedding publications - completed 2.8.12
8. Purchase & play with Totally Rad Actions - completed 5.31.11
9. Take a road trip and stop along the way at cool places to take photos - completed 10.18.10
10. Shoot a wedding on another continent - completed 9.19.12
11. Get a wedding featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine
12. Enter some photos in a print competition
13. Finish reading through my Doisneau books
14. Visit the Mibu tribe in Papua New Guinea
15. Travel to Australia
16. Take a ballroom dance class
17. Finish circle in a granny square afghan - completed 2.15.12
18. Create a photo book of my nephews for my sis - completed 11.8.12
19. Stay at a luxury resort and go to the spa - completed 7.26.11
20. Get Michelle Neese to visit me - completed 12.5.11
21. Take a painting class
22. See a musical on broadway - completed 10.10.10
23. Shoot the cover of another national magazine besides Destination I Do
24. Take a carriage ride in Central Park - completed 10.11.10
25. Go on a picnic
26. Get a wedding published in Arizona Bride Magazine - completed 6.21.10
27. Raise money & walk for Autism each year - completed 10.8.12
28. Donate blood at least twice a year - completed 7.16.12
29. Visit one of the 10 states I haven't been to yet - completed 10.18.10
30. Have a neighbor over for dinner - completed 7.9.12
31. Sit and watch a sunrise somewhere cool - completed 8.12.11
32. Write a letter to the child I sponsor in Niger - completed 6.16.10
33. Go apple picking - completed 10.8.10
34. Run a 10 minute mile for 3 consecutive miles
35. Go to a photo exhibit at an art museum
36. Develop and begin sending "date night kits" to wedding clients - completed 4.17.10
37. Rent a house in Flagstaff for a few weeks in the summer & work from there
38. Develop a referral gift - completed 8.27.10
39. Send out 1st Christmas married ornaments to clients - completed 12.6.10
40. Develop sponsorship packet for MJ 2 Day and recruit sponsors - completed 5.26.11
41. Meet and get engaged to the man of my dreams (just throwing this one in for laughs and giggles)
42. Find a friend or friends who would want to take a cruise with me
43. Go on cruise with above found friends
44. Read at least 75 books - completed 8.28.12
45. Teach some local friends to play Bridge & make them play with me all the time
46. Try an MJ 2 Day in another state - completed 9.22.10
47. Hike to the top of Camelback Mountain - completed 12.1.10
48. Send a card & gift to someone to encourage them "just because"
49. See a New England Fall - completed 10.5.10
50. See Taylor Swift in concert - completed 10.26.11
51. Read or re-read the biography of a faithful Christian - completed 1.22.11
52. Spend two weekends/year while home without touching the internet, email or anything work related
53. Leave a gift on a friend's doorstep - completed 8.14.10
54. See either Brian Regan or Jim Gaffigan live - completed 11.30.10
55. Go to visit the Wiedefelds during December again
56. Read 5 books to help my business & do reviews of each on my blog - completed 5.25.11
57. Improve the posing of my bridal party group shots
58. Get new bedroom furniture & use my current furniture for guest room
59. Learn how to keep flowers and plants alive & have some in my house and yard - completed 6.6.11
60. Get a new sofa for my living room
61. Post on a photography forum at least once/week for 3 months - completed 9.16.10
62. Take a survey of blog readers to learn more about my reader demographics - completed 7.23.10
63. Come up with at least 5 ways I am and want to continue to differentiate my business - completed 5.17.10
64. Start offering my fine art images on my blog as desktop images
65. Wear a dress or skirt at least once a week between April and October
66. Take the Myers-Briggs test again
67. Have photos of Dixie and I taken by Erin Vey
68. Attend an autism conference with Natalie - completed 3.31.12
69. Update the bio page of my website with new photos of me yearly - completed 11.26.12
70. Find one or two associate photographers who are a good fit & start offering associate photographer packages - completed 8.11.10
71. Find a church home and get involved - completed 11.26.12
72. Figure out how to cook better for one
73. Save enough money to start home remodel in Jan 2013 -- garage, kitchen, bedroom, curb appeal
74. Instagram & Tweet at least 5 photos/week
75. Try a studio viewing after a portrait shoot
76. Get an elliptical machine for working out at home during the summers - completed 4.28.11
77. Knit something
78. Get a Duo sample album done through Queensberry & start offering them to clients - completed 5.16.11
79. Release more Photojunction Templates - completed 5.2.12
80. Start an affiliate program for my PJ templates - completed 6.21.12
81. Decide if I want a Facebook Fan page & start one if so - completed 3.10.11
82. Ramp up social media presence: experiment with videos?
83. Write a book
84. Create and sell blog collage templates - completed 8.4.11
85. Update MJ2DAY workshop video - completed 3.13.12
86. Revamp website to include associate program & resources for photographers - completed 10.11.11
87. Do four styled shoots to help inspire & attract ideal clients
88. Speak at WPPI (happening 3.12.13!)
89. Find a solution to replace DVDs/CDs for delivery of high res images to clients (bought engraved thumb drives; still working out packaging)
90. Make MJ2DAY content available on online videos or DVDs
91. Successfully systematize the sale of canvases to clients
92. Incorporate more detail shots that highlight the location into my wedding photography - work on sense of place - completed 11.26.12
93. Figure out a way to breathe new life into my blog -- get inspired - completed 11.26.12
94. Replace old picnic table - completed 1.19.12
95. Offer my workflow forms & resources for sale to other photographers - completed 7.25.12

Just like the first go around I'm not going to be primarily motivated by my list. I like to live life, listen to God, and see what happens - be open to opportunities that present themselves. So here goes!
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