Kindra is my former bride-turned-friend who is the o-so-talented storyteller who wrote this story and is now helping brides personalize their ceremonies by incorporating their stories. If you type her name into the search box in the upper right you will find that she's made many appearances on my blog. I'm excited to feature her again -- this time in a shoot all her own. The vision for this shoot was variety. Kindra needs photos that really show off her personality for her next website. And yay! I got to be the photographer for the job. I felt a little like I was shooting a fashion model. The camera clearly loves this girl and I had such a blast with her because she wasn't afraid to let her personality shine through.

We got SO MANY good ones but here are a few of my faves:
Gotta make sure you get the solid headshot in the midst of all the fun:
Inca -- one of Kindra's cats made it in a few shots:
What a blast!! Thanks for making my job so fun and easy Kindra!
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