I'm so excited -- the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine is finally out featuring photos from my team's trip to Tanzania this summer! For those of you who are new to my blog, I travelled with 15 photographers to Tanzania last July where, among other things, we did a two day fashion shoot to raise awareness for Thirst Relief International. Two models from South Africa were flown up and 6 gowns were designed specifically for use in the shoot by top designers Ines Di Santo, Amy Michelson, Adele Wechsler, Angel Sanchez and Jenny Packham. The models, gowns and location were all incredible and the 15 of us were all in photographer heaven shooting away with our long lenses so we could all "get the shot."

I love how the 11 page feature came out! This wedding magazine is one of the classiest out there and I feel so honored to be able to say I've been published in it! Here's the cover (not from our shoot):
And the 11 page feature:
I took the top shot on the right page but unfortunately they got a couple of the photo credits wrong, including this one. Oh well -- I guess with 15 of us submitting photos it was bound to happen!
I also took the small photo on the right side of this spread (scroll below to see the image larger):
I love the shot on this page that Jim Davis-Hicks got of 7 of us all shooting lions on safari with our long lenses. My small noggin is circled. I also was given credit as a contributor to the article because I did a little write-up that they pulled information from for the final article. Super-cool!
Last summer I wasn't able to share any of my images from our model shoot with you because we had to hold off on posting them until the issue came out. But now I can share with you some of my favorites! I had so much fun working with these models in Africa. They were absolutely fabulous and you just couldn't take a bad photo of them.

This is the one that was chosen for the feature:
And here are some other favorites:
So dreamy:
Loved this tree:
I went back and forth and just couldn't decide between these two:
I just love the feeling of this one:
Yummy lighting!
More yummy lighting!
It's always interesting to see which images editors pick for their publications. With so many great shots submitted from 15 photographers, I didn't envy Grace her job of selection. But I'm stoked with how the feature turned out! If you'd like to pick up a copy, you can find them at Barnes and Noble or at many places wedding magazines are sold.
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