I just got back from a trip out to Florida to visit some of my family. It was a tough trip in many ways. Besides my family dealing with the aftermath of my aunt's death last summer, my grandmother is progressing with Alzheimer's. It's really heart-breaking to see her going through this and it was tough for me to navigate the waters of trying to care for her but not make her feel belittled in any way. She seems to be in denial about how affected she is by the disease. I also felt an overwhelming amount of helplessness. There really is very little I can do to help my uncle and cousins through the loss of their wife and mom. And there isn't much I can do for my grandparents during this time either besides pray. But it was good to be there for a time.

While there I got the opportunity to take photos for my cousin Cady and her boyfriend of three years -- Branden. These two have been through a lot together and seem to have a really solid friendship. I've enjoyed getting to know Branden a bit over my last few visits. We kept the session short because it was in the 40s, but we spent some time walking around the Dunedin harbour and old town areas. Here are a few of my favorites from their shoot:
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