I started this endeavor back on February 7, 2007. The idea was to try to complete 101 goals in 1001 days. Well, the 1001 days was up on November 4th.

I looked back at my original blog post in February of 07 and this is what I wrote: "I like to make lists. But this is overwhelming. I was told that if you write down your goals, they seep into your subconscious. So I'm just going to see what happens. I'm not going to be primarily motivated by my list. I like to live life, listen to God, and see what happens - be open to opportunities that present themselves." I've stuck with that approach to my list since then and feel like it has been a huge success.

Here's my list (click on any of the finished goals in red to read a post about them):

1. Print & hang photos in my upstairs living space - completed 2.19.09
2. Learn to grill meat
3. Blog every day for a month - completed 3.6.07
4. Get a dog - completed 5.10.07
5. Invent something
6. Flatten my tummy
7. Take a road trip and stop along the way at cool places to take photos
8. 2nd shoot at a wedding with Jessica Claire
9. Shoot a wedding on another continent
10. Take a cruise - completed 2.24.08
11. Order pens for my business - completed 3.19.07
12. Get a wedding into Grace Ormonde
13. Enter some photos in a print competition
14. Speak at PartnerCon - completed 9.13.07
15. Read one book per month for 3 months to benefit my business - completed 5.31.07
16. Research a well-known photographer of old
17. Travel to Europe - completed 8.26.08
18. Visit the Mibu tribe in Papua New Guinea
19. Take a dance class
20. Write down the systems of my business - create a manual of what I do - completed 11.4.09
21. Win another WPJA award - completed 10.30.08
22. Join Toastmasters
23. Develop a business exit plan
24. Visit Andy & Shannon in NH once a year - completed 1.18.09
25. Market myself in Portland for summer weddings - completed 5.20.08
26. Update my wardrobe - completed 4.23.08
27. Practice the guitar each day for a month
28. Throw a party - completed 11.9.08
29. Get my office TV hooked up so you can see the internet on it
30. Get my phone set up so I can access the internet anywhere on my laptop - completed 12.17.07
31. Organize my office closet - completed 12.19.07
32. Do the splits
33. Visit Becky in San Diego while David is in Iraq - completed 8.10.07
34. Visit my grandparents on the farm in Nebraska - completed 9.29.09
35. Babysit for the Swansons - completed 6.25.08
36. Buy out my parents' investment in my house
37. Create a photo book of my nephews for my sis
38. Spend a whole day with Jess out at her place - completed 2.24.07
39. Tape record my grandma telling stories - completed 7.14.07
40. Improve the packaging of my products - completed 6.30.09
41. Learn how to make sticky rice (Thailand style) - completed 10.19.08
42. Stay at a luxury resort & go to the spa
43. Develop a menu of favorite dishes to make on an ongoing basis
44. Get Michelle Neese to visit me
45. See Brian Regan, the comedian, live - completed 4.1.07
46. Take a painting class
47. Visit Australia
48. Learn Lightroom software
49. Go skiing again - completed 12.15.07
50. Solve the Rubik's Cube - completed 2.25.07
51. See a musical on Broadway
52. Shoot the cover of another national magazine besides Destination I Do
53. Figure out how to get video on my blog and then post videos - completed 3.24.07
54. Take a story-telling class - I'm horrible at this - completed 11.4.09
55. Go camping - completed 6.3.07
56. Put up window treatments in my house
57. Book 20-25 weddings each year
58. Begin sending out anniversary cards to past clients - completed 1.3.08
59. Take a carriage ride in Central Park
60. Go on a picnic - completed 8.11.07
61. Become CPR certified - completed 12.13.07
62. Go to an APU Christmas Choir concert - completed 12.10.08
63. Babysit my nephews once a month for a year - completed 5.04.08
64. Be on "Simple Photo Minute" - completed 5.16.07
65. Get a wedding published in Arizona Bride Magazine
66. Post on OSP once a week for 3 months
67. Find good legal music to use on slideshows - completed 5.2.07
68. Go to Serrano's with Shannon at least once a month between now and Aug. - completed 8.9.07
69. Do something to help raise awareness for autism or help find a cure - completed 11.4.07
70. Finish crocheting the blanket I started years ago - completed 2.16.07
71. Add 7 more intro slideshows to my website
72. Update the "press" page on my website - completed 8.17.07
73. Take more photos for Portico (my church) and add them to the website - completed 6.17.08
74. Read a classic literature book I haven't read before - completed 10.10.08
75. Upgrade my 17" laptop - completed 2.28.07
76. Look into a health savings account - completed 5.17.08
77. Visit Shannon after she's married and living in Chicago - completed 10.23.08
78. Take photos of my parents - completed 2.28.07
79. Do a photo shoot with Josh & Natie without the kids - completed 2.2.08
80. Visit one of the 15 states I haven't been to yet - completed 10.10.07
81. Donate blood - completed 12.23.08
82. Have a neighbor over for dinner
83. Watch a sunrise
84. Write a letter to the child I sponsor in Niger
85. Go apple picking
86. Run a 10 minute mile for 3 consecutive miles
87. Clean out the packaging material in my garage that needs to be recycled - completed 3.20.07
88. Watch the movie "Born into Brothels" - completed 3.30.07
89. Go to a photography gallery - completed 12.6.07
90. Get some canvas prints made - completed 6.15.08
91. Try an in-studio viewing after the wedding
92. Refine workflow to get album designs done 2 weeks after weddings - completed 9.28.08
93. 2nd shoot weddings with 3 local photographers
94. Improve my website search optimization
95. Upgrade my custom blog to use larger photos - completed 6.13.07
96. Implement surveys & gather client feedback at numerous points throughout the customer experience - completed 4.11.08
97. Look into hiring a publicist
98. Partner with Sarah to begin a signature line of print products that incorporate my photography - completed 10.21.07
99. Upgrade the proof books I offer - completed 4.8.08
100. Keep my email inbox down to 5 emails or less for a month - completed 6.7.08
101. Take a training class with Dixie - completed 5.14.08

The final tally is:

60 goals completed
8 goals are in the process of being completed
5 goals I'm not interested in doing any more
28 goals remain unattempted but I am still interested in possibly completing them

Even though I didn't finish all of the goals on my list I DO feel like I accomplished much more that I would have if I had never written it in the first place. So this is why I consider the experience a success.

One thing I learned through the process is that I change a lot over the course of 1001 days. My direction and goals changed course in ways I couldn't have predicted when I first started. So in this way 1001 days is a long period for a goal list. But on the other hand, it's a handy amount of time because it gives you several seasons in which to check off goals that might be seasonal in nature. I do plan on doing another 101 in 1001 -- probably starting in 2010 -- but I think this time what I'll do is allow myself to revise my list once a year. That way I can take off goals that have become irrelevant to my direction and replace them with ones that fit where I'm heading.

Thank you so much for your interest and encouragement throughout this process. It has been incredibly rewarding to log my progress here on my blog and to get your feedback throughout the journey!
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