54. Take a story-telling class - I'm horrible at this

I'm envious of people who tell a good story. My friend Kindra for instance. She wrote the story of my sister's family that I posted a few weeks ago. Unbelievable talent. Me on the other hand....I'm more of a summarizer. I get straight to the point without a lot of frills. But sometimes frills add to the power and effect. Information communicated in the form of a story is far more powerful than any other form of communication. It touches your heart and makes an impression that causes it to stay with you. I've witnessed the power of story. My grandmother is one of the best storytellers I know. I love listening to her tell about how she and my grandpa met or what life was like for my dad and his siblings growing up. I even video taped her telling stories a few years back so that I could always remember.

So I put this goal on my list of 101 in 1001 goals a few years back because I wanted to become better. At that time I had no idea that Kindra would come into my life. She hired me to shoot her wedding. Her ceremony was one of the most powerful I've witnessed, for it incorporated story. I included the story in full length on this post. You MUST read it if you haven't. Since her wedding last April we have become friends. And when Kindra said she was taking a storytelling class at South Mountain Community College this Fall I knew I had to sign up. Not only is learning the art of storytelling something I just want to do for the fun of it, but I can see how it will impact my business. It will make me a better speaker AND blogger.

Now, going back to college is flat out CRAZY when you own your own business and are in the middle of busy season. Unfortunately I haven't been the best student. This is tough for me. I was a total nerd through high school and college and never got anything less than an A. Now I'm not even able to keep up with the homework! But I know I have to put my business first and I'm trying to sift through the homework to figure out what is just useless busy work and what will help me to actually LEARN. That has been one frustration with this class -- too much busy work. It IS an entry level class so I guess that's to be expected. But I'm just longing to learn what I can really apply to where I'm at in my life and business. I'm SO thankful to have Kindra through this experience because she has a background in storytelling and is mentoring me so that I am really getting the most out of it. Plus it's just fun to have a buddy :).

Here I am at last night's class telling a folk tale called "The Magic Pomegranate." I'm sure you can tell by the photos how amazing I was :).
And here's a shot of me, Kindra and our professor Doug Bland.
I still have a number of weeks left in the class but figured it would be o.k. to check it off from my list at this point. Yay for continuing to learn!! I still have SO much to learn and improve on but I'm excited to be moving in the right direction. And I'm excited to see how the power of storytelling will impact my business.
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