I was encouraged by some friends before I came to Kauai that I MUST go to Puka-Dog to try their hot dog while here. I like the occasional hot dog so I was totally game. My friend Sarah who came over from the big island felt otherwise, however. She took one look at the menu and thought it in no way sounded appetizing. So I thought I would put it to the test and give you all MJ's take on the Hawaiian style hot dog. It's time to get to the bottom of this compelling question and share my findings with the world. I'm sure you're relieved to see that I've found other important work here in Hawaii to keep me busy besides just shooting a wedding.

Thankfully there was a Puka-Dog just down the street from where I'm staying:
The menu:
I decided to go with the polish dog with original garlic lemon secret sauce and yellow mustard.
My dog:
Now, I give Puka-dog credit for trying to keep the consumption process tidy. Their yummy buns are enclosed on three sides. So you'd think it would be a fairly clean eating experience. But you would be wrong. There is just too much sauce involved. And some of it ended up on my shirt. I was a mess. Check out the pile of napkins I went through:
All in all the flavor was very yummy but I would go light on the sauce next time. I'll give the Puka-dog one thumb up (partially because I had to use the other one to take this photo):
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