The reason I'm in Kauai being forced to drink piƱa coladas and bask in the glory of the cool ocean air is because I am shooting David and Katie's wedding today. BUT as a bonus while here, I had the chance to shoot an engagement session for my friends Jason and Sarah. I went to high school with Sarah and she moved to the big island of Hawaii a couple years ago to be with Jason. They flew out to Kauai so I could do their engagement shoot and it's been so much fun to hang out with them for the past couple days. They are incredibly sweet together and so perfect for one another.

We drove around the south side of the island looking for fun locations to shoot in and capture the beauty of this amazing island. But it seemed like at every turn we came across these fun signs:
All the coolest places were off limits! So I have to admit we were a little rebellious and snuck past a few signs to get some shots. The location we started at was the most amazingly creepy abandoned sugar mill. I felt like I was walking through a murder mystery novel while we were there. And I was waiting for some wild animal to jump out at us at every turn. Here are a few of my favorite shots at the sugar mill:
A security guard did end up catching us and threatening to send us to jail but he ended up going easy on us and we mosied on down the road to the next off-limits location.

A few more favorites:
I love that Sarah just decided to attack Jason out of the blue. His face says it all:
We finished up the shoot at the beach:
So fun you guys! Thanks for being big rebels with me!!
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