Some of you who are my Twitter Followers/Facebook friends may have seen my status a few weeks back about needing prayer to make a decision about a huge opportunity that was dropped in my lap for this summer. And for those who prayed--THANK YOU!!! I was invited on a Friday afternoon and had to make a decision by Sunday so I definitely appreciated the ability to call on others for the prayer help (one of the many amazing ways that FB and Twitter are so powerful!)!

Well, the decision was made in the affirmative and for 10 days in July I'm going to Tanzania!
The cool thing is--if you're a photographer--you have the amazing opportunity to come with me! You are invited to join me, Mike Colon, Jim Davis-Hicks, and 11 other amazing photographers on a once in a lifetime photo adventure! We will be shooting designer gowns on location in Tanzania to benefit Thirst Relief. We will also help build and deliver life saving Thirst Relief Bio-Sand Water Filters and see some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet on an African Safari! In addition, Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine will be featuring the whole trip in her Spring/Summer 2010 issue!
So here's the scoop:

Two Seats, Two Ways to Win.

Trip Dates July 13-23, 2009.

Auction Dates: June 8,9 2009

Raffle Dates: June 10,11,

WINNERS will be announced on June 12th, 2009

For more information, visit
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