Very exciting news for photographers! The best album design software available is now completely free! Check out the announcement here!

I've used Photojunction for years to create my album designs. Over time I have created my own templates that I pull from to create each unique album. This works great for me and is very efficient. If you haven't had a chance to see some of the results, click here to view a number of our most recent designs!

My template collection of over 70 Photojunction templates are available to photographers for purchase. The templates were originally designed for a vertical 14x10 inch album but one of the great things about Photojunction is that if you drop one of these templates onto a layout of a different size, it will size it to fit. My templates range from layouts with 2-14 images per spread and it's as easy as dragging and dropping the template onto the page and then dropping the images into the template apertures to make your page. Another great thing about Photojunction is that you can customize my templates to fit your unique vision. You are able to unlock, move and resize any aperture as well as change background colors, borders and opacity. So my 70+ templates could potentially become hundreds with a little help and creativity from you! Another great thing about Photojunction is that it is extremely versatile--once you're finished designing, simply export your layouts as .psds or .jpgs and send to the album company of your choice!

If you would like to purchase the templates, the cost is $150. Arizona residents will also need to pay sales tax. Email me at melissa[at]melissajill[dot]com subject "buy PJ templates." Let me know which version of Photojunction you use and whether or not you are an AZ resident in the body of the email. I will send you an email with instructions on how to input your credit card info online. As soon as I receive payment I will email you a file with instructions on how to import the templates into Photojunction. I will also include some instructions on how to effectively use the templates to make beautiful album designs.

Thanks for the free software PJ! Happy designing!
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