This morning I completed my 2nd annual Walk for Autism. My team of 14 raised over $1,800, walked the 5k route together and again, had a great experience. Thank you again to all of you who gave generously. The final numbers haven't come in yet, but I believe the Arizona walk raised over $400,000 all-together to help find the cause of and cure for Autism. Yay!! As many of you know, my two nephews both have Autism so this is a cause extremely close to my heart.

The two little boys in the above photo are my nephew Noah and his little friend Kyler. They were so cute, holding hands for much of the race. Here are a few more of my favorite photos:
I caught a little of my shadow in this one:
My parents and nephew Elijah:
I love this one of Noah and his pop-pop Jack at the finish line:
What a great event! Thanks to my awesome team and all of those who supported us!
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