I know green is the "in thing" right now with the environment and all. But this post is not about that.

It's about my super-hero breakfast that I have each day that is actually the color green. Before you get too grossed out it is REALLY tasty. Promise. When Camille was here I made it for her every morning and she really liked it. And I made it for Amy in Modesto too. So they can testify.

My morning fruit smoothie includes mixed frozen fruit, orange juice and the secret super-power ingredient: spinach. Yes--the source of the green. The exciting thing about the spinach is two-fold. One--it's nutrition packed. Two--you can't taste it. Really!! It still tastes just like a yummy refreshing fruit smoothie.

If you'd like to put me to the test fill your blender with 2/3 frozen fruit and 1/3 spinach (pack it in there--don't be a sissy!) then cover all the ingredients in OJ. Blend and insert straw. Wha-la! Pure morning bliss for the super-hero in you. Yes, I think I do have a future in advertising :).
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