The last few days I've had the pleasure of Camille Beasley, a fellow photographer from Alabama, visiting. She's a total sweetie and we have had a great time talking photography and life. Since she visited during a super-busy week with me catching up from my last trip and getting ready for the next, I had to work a bunch while she was here and I even put her to work a little helping me with the power point presentation for the zero-60 workshop. THANK YOU CAMILLE! YOU'RE A LIFE-SAVER! So that will teach any of you out there who are thinking of paying me a visit: If you fly across the country to see me, I put you to work. Unbelievable I know. Feel free to skip leaving all the nasty comments, I already know how pathetic I am :). Lest you're feeling too sorry for Camille, she repaid me by getting me up this morning at the ungodly hour of 4:45 to take her to the airport. Here's a photo of her before we left. Yes that is the beginning of the sunrise in the background.
Now I know that many of you probably see the 5 o'clock hour quite regularly but not this night owl. Lately my head's been hitting the pillow between 1 and 2 in the morning so 5am is smack dab in the middle of the night. I was flabbergasted driving to the airport by how many other human beings were up and about at this time. Crazy. I can do the crack of dawn once every couple months but I can't imagine surviving it as a way of life. My hat is off to you morning people. Or you night people who have to be morning people because of your job. I'm not sure we'll ever understand one another.

So after I dropped off Camille I was good and headed to the gym then the grocery store then the shower then back to the pillow. I'm all rested up now and ready to resume my night owl regimen. :)

This week wasn't all work and no play however. We did head to the mall yesterday for some good girl time--shopping and a movie. Or actually part of a movie. We walked out of Stepbrothers about 20 minutes into it. I can't believe we stayed that long. Really bad. I love Will Ferrell--he makes me crack up just looking at him. But this movie is not the high point of his career. The preview makes it look like one of those funny/dumb movies where you walk out having had a good laugh. Not so much. More like chuckling under your breath because you're totally uncomfortable and horrified. It's pretty much just people yelling and cussing at each other the whole time. So feel free to skip that one. :)

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!
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