I'm getting ready to head to Europe for the zero-60 workshop (plus a little vacation fun) next week so I'm buried with things to wrap up from my last trip as well as last minute preparations for the workshop. But I wanted to announce the arrival of little London Ella!
Some of you may remember my assistant Jamie who worked with me for over 2 years until she moved to northern California 6 months ago. Here she is with her cute family last year in case you need a memory jogger:
She second shot weddings with me, worked in the office and became a good friend. Well, this last weekend she welcomed her third baby and boy, does she make cute ones! I'm sure Owen helps a little too. But people like this should really just keep populating the world with cuteness if you know what I mean. Jamie took this photo of London and she's only a few days old. What a beautiful newborn. If you'd like to see more, check out Jamie's blog.

So excited for you Jamie!
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