camera = 7 lbs.
camera bag = 37 lbs.
# of hours shooting = 9-10
# of hours spent standing = 8
# of squats in 9 hours = 70
what I've decided I need after every wedding = a massage

Photographers who are reading this completely understand. For those of you who are not photographers, it may be hard to imagine a camera feeling very heavy. So try this--imagine holding a 5 lb. dumbbell in front of your face for 9 hours straight. Not too hard for the first 20 minutes - 1 hour. But it starts feeling more like 50 lbs. after the 5th hour or so. Sounds like something you'd see on a Survivor challenge.

I've realized that if I'm going to have any kind of longevity in this career, I'm going to need to consider my physical maintenance as part of the job. I have certain areas of my back and neck that have issues because of past injuries, so I go to the chiropractor once a month. He has me doing some conditioning exercises on my own at the gym to strengthen my back muscles so that I can make it through a wedding without pain. Those have helped greatly. And recently, I just purchased a membership at Massage Envy. I had my 2nd 1 hour massage there today. Heaven. I'm planning to go in every Tuesday morning after a wedding or after I get home from traveling.

Photographers--this may be something to consider for yourself--these bodies have to serve us well for the long-term.

Brides--(totally bypassing the subtle hint :))--how cool of a gift or a tip would a massage make for your photographer? Answer = PRETTY COOL.

Happy Massage Tuesday everyone! :)
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