Russ and Selena are getting married Saturday and tonight we got together for a little pre-wedding fun to do their bridal shoot. Oftentimes a photographer isn't able to share the bridal portraits until after the wedding in fear that the groom will see his bride, but Russ actually got invited along to this bridal shoot so I get to post some of my favorites tonight!

Can you believe how incredibly gorgeous Selena is? We went back to one of my new favorite spots in Old Town Scottsdale because I knew she would look amazing here:
Here's a few more of my favorites of Selena alone:
Check out Russ--doesn't he look like a model? He did such a great job relaxing and having fun with the shoot despite the sweltering heat.
Couldn't decide which one I liked best:
More of my faves of the happy couple:
So cute! The wedding should be fun--pray for clouds :).
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