This morning my mom had to put down our old dog Pebbles. She was 14 years old and has been a part of our family since I was a freshman in college. She has been such a sweet and faithful companion for so many years. She had the sweetest eyes--you just felt like you could see straight into her soul. She was always so eager to please and gentle-tempered but always thought she was a young pup until the end--so full of energy.

She has been completely deaf for a couple years and this past week stopped eating. You could tell she was nearing the end so my mom did the best thing and brought her in so she could go peacefully. She is survived by my parents' other dog--Kachina--who is her daughter. She will be missed.

I have such a soft heart for animals. They add so much to our lives and are so faithful and loving. I only wish their life spans would be closer to ours. It's hard to say goodbye.
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