58. Begin sending out anniversary cards to past clients

I'm very excited that this is the year I am starting to send out anniversary cards to my wedding clients. It's about time really. Such a simple idea. But one that's been on my list for awhile--since pre-101-in-1001-days. Just sitting there waiting to be done.

How does she do it?--you might ask. She's so unbelievably amazing for completing such an immense task. Well...thank you for being so kind but really.... I really can't accept ALL the gushing applause. I have to thank Ashley, once again, for helping me implement the project, and Sarah for the masterful design of the cards. And Jamie for taking the photo on the inside. What's on the inside? Well, that's the sad part of this post. Unfortunately, because some of my past wedding clients frequent this blog, I feel like it would be ruining a surprise to share that part of the card. But trust me--it's good.

Sorry--just got done watching an episode of Seinfeld and I'm feeling a little George-esque mixed with a hint of Kramer. It's late. I really shouldn't be allowed to blog at this hour.
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