It is with great joy that I want to let you all know that I AM SHOOTING WEDDINGS AGAIN!!


It's been a crazy year and a half since I announced my retirement and we moved to Alabama. I was needing to simplify my life in the midst of all the change -- so I went from running three businesses and being a wife and mom to a 9 month old in Arizona, to running one business and being a wife and mom in Alabama. Truth be told, I was intimidated to start over with weddings in a new state AND I honestly didn't have the time to do so while juggling everything else. My husband is a pastor, so we are also spending a ton of time building community with our church family and with our new neighbors. So the plan was to focus on building Align Album Design and be a mom.

Well...the mom thing is going great. I adore Beau and working from home with a part-time nanny is the perfect set-up for us.

But then COVID.

I feel like that's the common storyline for so many of the pivots in our collective lives of late. Anyone else with me? The lock-downs surrounding COVID were unexpected and the effects were massive on the event industry. Align has been greatly impacted since our clients are all photographers. As part of this plot-twist, I had two weddings rescheduled numerous times from the spring of 2020 that I finally shot last month in Arizona. Truth be told again -- I was nervous. I hadn't shot a wedding in a year and a half. I felt rusty and insecure.

But both weddings were a huge success and my clients were such a delight to work with! You can see Matt & Michelle's wedding here, and I will be blogging Genny & Kyle's wedding very soon. It was so much fun to be back behind the camera again shooting weddings!

Somewhere between the two weddings, I began to sense in my spirit that I was not done. That I needed to open myself up to shooting weddings again. There's something so sacred and special about being able to capture the emotions and moments of a wedding day. I've done it over and over again for 18 years and I still have more to give.

Now that we are settled in Alabama and Beau is 2 (and recently potty trained -- yay!!), I feel like I'm coming out of a fog and that I have bandwidth to take on more. I am excited to continue to put down roots in the Huntsville area, and to get to know the wedding industry here!

Because I have family and deep roots in the wedding industry in Phoenix, I am going to shoot weddings in the Phoenix area without charging a travel fee. So I will be based out of BOTH Huntsville and Phoenix, and I will shoot in Huntsville, Phoenix, Nashville & Birmingham with no travel fee. And of course I am available for travel outside of these areas as well!

Thank you so much for your support and love and I look forward to sharing more beautiful weddings here soon!
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