I'm not an interior designer by any means, but decorating my home room by room is something I truly enjoy. I'm so excited to share Beau's finished nursery with you today! This room is very small -- it's one of three bedrooms in our 2000 square foot 50s ranch home -- but it does everything we need it to do and I'm super-happy with how it came together! I sat in the rocking chair in this room in the weeks leading up to Beau's birth thinking about how my life has changed in the past year and dreaming of what it would be like to play with him in the coming years in this space. And it's so surreal that he's here now! He's not at the playing stage yet, but I can't wait to see him grow up in this space!

My favorite way to decorate is to start with one thing I love that then inspires the rest of the design. This nursery started with my husband's request for a "moose" theme. He was born in Alaska and likes moose. Ok, babe -- challenge accepted! But wouldn't you know it -- although there are a lot of animal themed nursery items out there, moose are not the most popular of animals. And nearly every moose I came across was attached to a red and brown lumberjack themed look. I wasn't digging it. In my search I finally came across the above watercolor art and fell in love with the simplicity and feel of it. The color scheme ended up being perfect for a somewhat neutral nursery with pops of indigo and pale pink. I also found this great moose and pine tree printed crib sheet on Etsy, this great rug on sale, and the rest of the nursery came together from there!
My handy neighbor, Tim, built these book ledges for me and I had fun shopping for childrens' books that double as beautiful art to fill them. We're already starting to read to Beau and I can't wait to do so more in the months to come!
I came across this herringbone wallpaper on Pinterest and thought it was the perfect touch for the accent wall behind the crib. It's peel and stick "removable" wallpaper that was a huge project to install and removes some of the paint and plaster on the wall when you make a mistake and try to remove it, but I still love how it turned out!

I love filling any space with tons of texture -- it really warms up a room with a cooler color scheme like this one. The knitted pouf and wood mobile along with this rocking chair from Anthropologie are some of my favorite touches.
In the end, the moose theme ended up expanding to an animal theme because I just couldn't resist some of the other cute animal stuff I came across! So the moose have friends.
And you know I had to add a couple plants to the space!
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