Photo booth fun with Rendezbooth
If your wedding guests are important to you AND ensuring that they have an amazing time is one of your top priorities, you're not alone! You fit right in with the majority of current engaged couples! There are a lot of options for making your wedding a truly fun celebration for your guests, and one of my favorites is to host a photo booth at your reception. A photo booth brings a unique kind of photography to a wedding or event, offering an additional chance to capture the day AND a ton of entertainment for your guests. (I'm not just saying this; I love photo booths so much that I launched my own photo booth company!)

One of the best things about a photo booth is that after your guests step out of the booth, YOU get all of the hilarious, touching images they took -- but what do you do with them? I have seven suggestions for ways you can use your photo booth pictures!

1. Social Media
This seems like the most obvious option, but a surprising number of people don't think to download & share their photo booth images! Since it will probably take your wedding photographer a while to process your official wedding photos, having a gallery of zany, ready-to-share images from the reception is a HUGE bonus! Most modern photo booth companies will provide you with either an online gallery or a USB of your images, so you can share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. soon after the wedding. It's a great way to keep the celebration going and to spread the fun!

2. Guest Book
Creative alternatives to the traditional guest book are very popular right now! Why not incorporate the photo booth into yours? At the wedding, ask your guests to include their photo print along with a message for you, to create a pictorial guest book that you'll treasure forever!

3. Thank You Notes
Including photos of yourselves on Thank You notes is a great way to personalize them, and your photo booth is an easy source of those images! If you're planning on sending classic Thank You notes, consider taking a set of straightforward, no-props shots in the booth. Or if you like to share your silly side, let your creativity shine with quirky props and funny poses! Then add those photos to your Thank You note template for custom cards!
Photo booth fun with Rendezbooth
Did you ever notice that a standard 2x6 photo strip is the perfect size to serve as a bookmark? So if your photo booth prints old school photo strips, you don't have to DIY anything to get cute bookmarks that will always bring a smile to your face! If your booth prints a different size (or if you're not having prints at all), it's a simple process to size your photos and have them printed on heavy cardstock to use as bookmarks. Using your photos as bookmarks means that you'll be reminded of the joy of you wedding day each time you mark your place in a book!

5. Memory Book
Scrapbooks and photo albums are a joy to look through and a wonderful way to reminisce! After the wedding, you can print your photos and add them to a traditional photo album, or use the digital images from your gallery to create a photo book from a printing company like Shutterfly or Blurb. Whichever type of book you choose, you and your new spouse will have a blast flipping through the photos and laughing at your guests' photo booth shenanigans.

6. Photo stamps
I love photo stamps! They're such a simple way to jazz up every piece of mail that you send. Download your favorite photo booth image and use it to create a one-of-a-kind stamp design! There are many services online that can help you turn your photo into a custom postage stamp. I personally use, but a quick internet search reveals many other options.
Photo booth fun with Rendezbooth
7. Frame it
We live in an era when we take more photos than ever before, and yet we print so few of them to display! Why not change that by framing some of your photo booth photos? They even make photo mats designed to display 2x6 photo strips, so you can show off your photo booth images in their original format. Or print a selection of your favorite single shots and add them to a collage frame.

I love the interactive, entertainment aspect of a photo booth, but as a photographer I also treasure the images that a booth produces! I hope that this post will inspire you to use and enjoy your photo booth pictures for years to come!

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Don't let the photos from your photo booth go to waste! Here's how to use  them!
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