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Remember when I started talking about redesigning my home office like, oh.... 10 months ago? No? That's not fresh in your memory? Shocker! haha!

I had this GRAND plan to remodel and redecorate my office last summer before fall busy season hit. Three months...surely that would be plenty of time, right?

I had contractors come in and paint the formerly creamy yellow walls a bright white, and install thin brick over the red accent wall. I sold a bunch of furniture on Craig's list and painstakingly, piece by piece, ordered new. It was coming together.

Then I met my now fiancé at the beginning of October, wedding season hit, and literally NOTHING else has been accomplished in my life since -- haha! Plus, if you're like me, a room is never really FINISHED. There's always one more thing that you're waiting on.

So a full ten months after I set out to remodel my home office, I'm finally ready to share it with you! I know you've been sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation this entire time :).

My office used to be red and black -- matching my old branding that I changed 4 years ago now. To see before photos, click here. It's funny how much I LOVED my red and black office when I first decorated it and how much I HATED it 7 years later. After rebranding in 2014 I suddenly felt a deep need to update my office, but I didn't have the money to do so at the time. So I lived with it for a few years longer. Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I had so much fun with this update and I'm THRILLED with how it turned out. More than trying to match the colors of my branding, I wanted to approximate the FEEL of it. I really wanted to brighten up the space and bring in lots of texture and eclectic elements.

I used to avoid this room, and now with the updates, it's a place I love to be again. It feels so much more bright and happy and inviting. I hope my clients feel the same when they come here to meet with me!

So without further ado... here are some photos! I will try my best to share all of my sources at the end of the post!
rattan chair and dipped wooden stool near a gallery wall
inlaid wooded tray
woven basket
lounge mirror framed with black rubber, cowhide benches
airy Scandinavian design with mid-century modern furniture and natural accents
mid-century modern planter
asymmetrical gallery wall
exposed brick wall and black furniture
leather mid-century modern sofa
paint-dipped wooden stool
asymmetrical gallery wall
airy Scandinavian design with mid-century modern furniture and natural accents
minimalist side-table with air plant
inlaid wood serving tray
asymmetrical gallery wall
airy Scandinavian design with mid-century modern furniture and natural accents
rubber blant in a natural basket
pottery accent pieces on a marble coffee table
woven rattan chair
macrame planter hangers
coffee table books as decor
inlaid wooden tray and banana leaf stools
exposed brick wall and black desk
rattan chair and paint-dipped wooden stool
pottery accents on a marble coffee table
metal and cowhide benches
wall art display
woven rattan chair
mid-century modern marble coffee table
large ceramic vase
eclectic throw pillows on a leather sofa
YAY for finally checking this goal off the list!

Leather sofa: West Elm // Marble Coffee Table: CB2 // Floor lamp: West Elm // Rug: Urban Outfitters // Gray Chair: West Elm // Banana Leaf Stools: IKEA // Sheepskin: IKEA // Marble End Table: West Elm // Wood Tray: If You Give a Girl a Saw // Thin Brick: Arizona Brick Source // Cowhide benches: Uber Chic Home // Large Round Mirror: Ordered custom from a local glass store; DIY rubber framing from AAA-Acme Rubber Company // Pillows: The Citizenry (triangle & cream pom pom), The Posh Robin (pink lumbar), Majorel Design (blue moroccan), One Fine Nest (Indigo Batik), West Elm (black) // Macrame Plant Hangers: Desert Loom // Paint Dipped Stool: Serena and Lily // Artwork additional to my photos: Minted // My photos framed by: Framebridge // Diamond Rattan Chair: Wend Studio // Circle Rattan Chair: Urban Outfitters (I believe. I already had this and took it from another room.) // Glass Globe Pendant: West Elm // Desk: Pottery Barn // Sea Grass Basket for Rubber Plant: Amazon // Woven basket: The Citizenry // Mid-Century Planter for Snake Plant: West Elm // Wall Hanging: Urban Outfitters
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