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I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and personable vendors in the wedding industry. I love to refer my clients to professionals I have worked with who I truly believe will do an amazing job for them. While I love to share my Favorite Vendors List, I also like to occasionally spotlight each of them more in depth.

Today, meet Rachel & Caitlin of Outstanding Occasions! Rachel & Caitlin are SUCH incredible wedding planners! I always get excited when my clients tell me that Outstanding Occasions is planning their wedding, because I know it will be a gorgeous event that runs so smoothly!

Here is a little Q & A to help us get to know Outstanding Occasions a little better. Read Rachel's answers below each question:

1. There are a million and 2 reasons to hire a wedding consultant. If you could only give one to a bride & groom, what would it be?
To allow you to enjoy the process! Getting married should be an enjoyable and fun experience, and that is the experience we strive for not only on the wedding day, but throughout the entire wedding process. Hiring a wedding planner allows clients and their families to take a back seat from the stress, and really enjoy the fun parts of the process such as the design and decor or the tasting. Having a wedding planner helps you navigate through the process, helping you avoid sometimes costly mistakes, and areas of unnecessary stress.
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2. How long have you been in business?
Outstanding Occasions has been in business for 14 years now!

3. What got you interested in working in the wedding industry?
I've been planning events for most of my adult life -- the fast pace and creative energy drives me, and is something I am super passionate about. Finding a way to feed that passion while also really impacting people's lives was so important to me, which is where weddings came in. To create such a connection with a family, and continue a relationship well after the wedding day is what makes this job so worth it!

4. What type of clients do you find yourself most working with?
Most of our clients are destination clients, either being native Phoenicians who have moved away, or completely destination weddings due to Arizona's amazing weather and scenery. We find ourselves working with clients who have busy careers and want us to take the reigns and help them design a fun and unique wedding day.
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outdoor wedding ceremony at El Chorro
5. What is the #1 quality you possess that makes you uniquely suited for wedding consulting?
Can we give you three? We are extremely organized, creative and calm. We have an eye for design, and the knowledge and experience to translate that in to a memorable wedding day that is uniquely suited to the couple. Marry that with the love to focus on every detail and make their special day run like a well oiled machine, with a calm demeanor and you have the perfect attributes to be a wedding planner!

6. What is your favorite part of the wedding planning process?
Design! I joke that designing is in my DNA. I love taking the couple's vision and combining it with modern trends and styles to craft the perfect wedding day for them. Often times we have clients who can't quite communicate exactly what they want, so it's such a joy to put together a concept that was exactly what they were looking for.

7. What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
I have two! The first is undoubtedly sending our bride down the aisle. It's a moment that we have planned on for so long, and one that still gives me goosebumps and tears as she walks down to say "I Do." The second is unveiling the final product to our client. Being able to unveil a room that is beyond our bride and groom's dreams, and see the smiles on their faces after months of planning is the true icing on the cake.
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8. Any fun-facts that we should really know, that would contribute even more to your coolness?
We're a collaborative team who has a love for fun, candy (starburst and sour patch kids), french fries, a glass of rose or two, and laughter!

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today, Rachel! Make sure you click over to the Outstanding Occasions website to learn more about the amazing events Rachel & Caitlin plan for their clients!

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