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Your guests are SUCH an important part of your wedding, and couples have always been concerned with their guests' comfort and enjoyment. But in recent years, making sure the guests have fun has been moving higher and higher on the wedding priority list for many couples ... right up to the top of the list! I've photographed many amazing receptions in my 14+ years as a wedding photographer, so I want to share some of the options I've seen that take a wedding reception to a new level of fun!

Yard Games
Yard games have been a rising trend for the past few years, and for a good reason! These games are fun and nostalgic, and easy to play! They're especially well suited to outdoor receptions and cocktail hours. You can go traditional with croquet and cornhole, or a little more modern and quirky with giant games of Jenga and Connect Four. Whatever you choose, yard games are not only a blast to play, but a great ice-breaker!
cornhole at a wedding reception
cornhole at a wedding reception
croquet at the wedding
Beer Burro
Despite the common name, a beer burro or drink donkey doesn't have to serve beer! You can have them carry any beverage or party favor of your choice. And they bring a lot more to the party than just the drinks on their backs! Guests love petting these fuzzy little servers, feeding them carrots, and taking selfies with them. They're a source of entertainment and a conversation piece ... who just happen to serve beverages!
beer burro
Food trucks
Food trucks are so popular! They're a great way to offer multiple food options for your guests, and to bring in local flair that will have your guests talking. If you are planning a more traditional dinner, you might consider a food truck for dessert.
this way to the food trucks
food truck
food truck
Surprise entertainment
Most guests know what happens at a wedding reception -- toasts, dancing, and cake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that! But the fact that wedding receptions have an expected flow makes a surprise even more impactful! Fireworks, a performance by talented dancers or acrobats, the arrival of a beloved sports mascot ... the possibilities are endless!
wedding fireworks
bride & groom with ASU's mascot Sparky
Many of your guests will spend a large part of your reception in conversation. Give them a comfy and stylish place to talk! Your wedding planner or local rental company can help you create unique seating areas so that your guests can gather to lounge and talk throughout the reception.
wedding reception lounge
bride & groom sharing a couch
A tasting station
Many couples share a passion for something consumable. Wine, whiskey, cigars, gummy bears ... whatever it is, you can create a tasting station to share that passion with your guests. I love the way tasting stations make your reception even more personal!
cigar station
cigar station
Great music
You want the dance floor to be packed, and that means hiring someone who really knows wedding receptions to handle the music. Talented wedding bands have a HUGE repertoire of songs and know how to keep the room hopping. A fantastic DJ can make the difference between a room of bored relatives and the party of the year. So don't leave it to chance -- find someone excellent! Many bands and DJs will let you (unobtrusively) peek in on wedding receptions they're playing so you can see them in action.
wedding band
dancing at the reception
I'm such a fan of photobooths at wedding receptions that I created my own photobooth company, Rendezbooth. Photobooths let your guests celebrate together, being as silly as they want! And after the shenanigans and fun, they get a souvenir to take home and photos to share on social media.
photo booth fun
comparing photo strips
Late night snacks
Wedding cake is delicious, I'm not going to lie. But after hours of dancing, your guests might enjoy a little pick-me-up! Late night snacks do just that, while giving you a chance to share your favorite junk food with your favorite people! Donuts, sliders, gelato, hot cocoa ... the guilty pleasure food you love the most is a great option for a late night snack!
Donut wall
While I absolute love and endorse every idea listed above, I have one even more important piece of advice: The BEST way to ensure that your guests have a good time at your reception is for you to have fun yourselves! So plan reception activities, music, and food that YOU will enjoy. You guests are going to love seeing you happy!

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Make your reception fun and memorable for your guests!
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