desert engagement shoot
When you first get engaged, it can be hard NOT to share your excitement with the world. And the good news is, you don't have to! Social media makes it so easy to shout your joy from the metaphorical rooftops. But when the big day finally comes, how should you announce it? I have some tips and suggestions to help you announce your engagement on social media:

1 -- Pictures say a thousand words
So much of our current social media is very image-based, which makes it perfect for sharing your news with a photo. Here are some of the best ways to do so:
  • A couple's photo - You've mastered the selfie, but this is the time to bring your A game! Make sure your photo is flattering and well lit. After all, a LOT of people are going to be seeing and sharing it. If you can't get a great shot on your own, enlist a friend to help you take the perfect shot to share your news!
  • The classic ring shot - This is one time that you can tell an entire story by just showing off a new piece of jewelry! I especially love when the ring is clear in the photo, but isn't the sole focus of the image. After all, your engagement is about your relationship, not just the bling.
  • Employ props - This is the age of customized EVERYTHING, and there are whole lines of adorable merchandise to help you announce your engagement. Take a photo with a coffee cup that says something like, "I said yes," or "Does this ring make me look engaged?" Buy couple's t-shirts declaring your new status. Buy or make a sign. Arrange the ring on top of Scrabble tiles, or slip it around the stem of some pretty flowers. The prop possibilities are endless!
  • Take care with your caption - Some people share a deeply moving story of their romance. Others are clever and funny. Whatever route you take, make sure you proofread your caption (and maybe run it by your fiancĂ© before hitting post).
  • Slideshows, albums, and collages - If you can't decide on just one photo ... don't! Share several. This will let you tell a fuller story of your proposal and relationship

2 -- Make it Facebook official
It's so much fun to see two Facebook statuses go from "Dating" to "Engaged" at the same time. Synchronize this change with your honey for the best impact. To make an even bigger splash, accompany that status change with a post sharing your announcement.
desert engagement shoot
desert engagement shoot
3 -- Make it an online event
Nowadays, social media has so much flexibility! Take advantage of that to make your engagement announcement a multi-media event. :)
  • Instagram stories - Create an Instagram Story and pin it to your highlights. That way your story will be displayed right on your profile. Be sure to ALSO make a regular Instagram post pointing people to watch the story. Not everyone pays regular attention to stories, and you don't want to leave people out!
  • Facebook Live - Tell everyone ahead of time that you have an announcement and let them know when to tune in. Then get on camera with your sweetheart and do a Facebook Live stream to share your news and excitement. This format lets you tell your story out loud and respond to comments as they come in for a fun, interactive experience.

4 -- Make the announcement an invitation
Obviously a formal engagement party isn't something that you would open up to all of your social media acquaintances. But for some people, having a more casual, drop in party can be a fabulous way to celebrate your big news. If this sounds right for you, make an post on the platform of your choice (or all of the platforms) sharing your news and inviting friends to come join you for a "just engaged" get-together. You can use a service like Eventbrite to reach out to people who might miss your posted invitation.
in home engagement shoot
in home engagement shoot
5 -- Use your discretion
Even if your first urge upon saying "yes" is to hop on Twitter, remember that some important people rate a person-to-person conversation BEFORE you go public. So tell closest loved ones the old fashioned way first! Your mom should definitely hear about your engagement from you directly before scrolling across it on her Facebook feed!

Being engaged is one of the sweetest times in a couple's relationship, and so many people are going to be thrilled for you! I hope this guide helps you decide how to share your happy news with the wide world of social media!

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Tips and suggestions for how to announce your engagement on social media
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