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Up until last year I didn't have a Pinterest strategy beyond, "post pretty images on my blog and hope people pin them." But for one year now I have been driving a 4-prong approach to Pinterest that has made a HUGE difference in the growth of my business. My website traffic is up. But more importantly, my bookings are up. And I'm booking more of the clients I want to work with and the weddings I want to shoot.

I've been trickling out portions of my Pinterest strategy for 6 months now, but I wanted to consolidate everything I've shared into one post that will help you grow your brand presence on Pinterest and get your work in front of more brides.

This is my 4-prong Pinterest strategy:

1 -- Optimize your blog for Pinterest
Before you do anything, read this post where I outline 5 steps to optimizing your blog for Pinterest. If you do NOTHING ELSE as far as a Pinterest strategy goes, at the very least, you need to take a few key steps to make sure your blog followers are encouraged and equipped to pin your content so that it can be shared across the web.

2 -- Pin regularly
You will see little traction on your Pinterest profile until you start pinning regularly. But this daunting task can be made easier! Click here to learn about the tool I use to batch schedule pins and repins of both my own content and content created by others. Using this tool to pin regularly has been the #1 thing I've done to generate clients through Pinterest! Like I mentioned, I pin my own content, but I also pin other types of content -- home decor, recipes, fashion, wedding inspiration and details -- anything my ideal clients might be interested in.

3 -- Learn from your analytics
I try to look at my Pinterest analytics (accessed from the upper right of your home feed) once a month. These stats are helpful to learn what is working with our strategy and what tweaks need to be made. You can see which pins are gaining the most traction and which boards your visitors interact with most. Looking at the response to my efforts also helps spur me on to keep up with the strategy I have put in place.
pinterest analytics
4 -- Keep growing in your knowledge of this highly effective platform
Understanding Pinterest so you can get the most out of it is half the battle. And as with most things, the more you learn, the more you realize you have to learn. So ongoing learning is key. Here is a list of tips I have shared on my blog related to Pinterest. Reviewing these would be a good place to start:

Tips from a Pinterest Expert (hint, it's not me. I still have a WAYS to go before I get that title.)
The #1 Thing I've Done to Generate Clients Through Pinterest
Get your Blog Posts Pinned Using Hidden Images
5 Steps to Optimize your Blog for Pinterest
The Social Media Channel Most Photographers Underutilize

In addition, one of the best things I did was to learn from a Pinterest expert. One of my brides-turned-friends, Alexandra Evjen, is a talented stylist, blogger, and Pinterest expert. She has close to 1,000,000 followers on Pinterest and nearly everything I’ve learned about using this channel for my business has been gleaned from her.
Alexandra Evjen Pinterest expert
Above photo courtesy of Rennai Hoefer

Alex is rocking it on Pinterest! You can follow her here and me here!
Alexandra Evjen Pinterest Expert
I recently had the opportunity to interview Alex and ask her 5 burning questions I have (that I’m guessing are shared by a lot of photographers out there):

1. How can I leverage Pinterest for my business?
2. Do brides really find their photographers on Pinterest? Is it worth my time compared to other social media channels (since I can’t do it all)?
3. What type of content should I pin? How much of my own work? Should I pin other photographer’s work? If yes, isn’t that promoting the competition?
4. What time of day should I pin and how much?
5. Where can I find fresh, good content if my home feed is not doing it for me?
Free Pinterest training video
Alex has made this interview, along with two others with questions from a designer and blogger's point of view, available for free here. Definitely check them out!

These free videos are SO helpful, but honestly, they're just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning how to utilize Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. If you want to learn more and really develop an intentional and lucrative Pinterest strategy, check out Alex’s online Pinterest classes and Facebook group here. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Alex knows her stuff and is such an amazing resource. Like I mentioned, nearly everything I’ve learned to help me generate clients from Pinterest, I learned from her.

Alex’s online Pinterest classes cover four topics:
How to Craft the Perfect Pin
How to Grow Your Pinterest Following
How to Create a Strong Profile for your Business on Pinterest
How to Drive Traffic to your Website on Pinterest

And the amazing thing is that if you purchase one or all of these (you save $64 when you purchase all four!!) you get private access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get additional Pinterest-related support. I love this kind of thing because it ensures that you will get a great value for your investment!

Click here to access Alex's online Pinterest courses and start generating leads and growing your business using this powerful tool today!
online pinterest class
Melissa Jill's 4-prong Pinterest strategy that has grown her website traffic AND bookings!
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