coral and copper reception table with a mix of textures
Above: Planning by Emily Schiesl with LVL Events, Flowers by Petal Pusher

Flowers and weddings just GO together -- and I, for one, LOVE that! Flowers are such a big part of all aspects of the wedding day -- from the bride's bouquet to an arch at the ceremony to the reception centerpieces, flowers can add beauty and dimension to all parts of your wedding!

Although I adore all of these different kinds of arrangements, I can imagine that they might also be a bit overwhelming. If you're like many newly engaged couples, your experience with flower arrangements has pretty much been limited to prom and Valentine's Day ... and suddenly you have to decide on centerpieces?! Scary! So I reached out to two of my favorite flower virtuosos -- Tamara from Petal Pusher and Sarah from Sarah's Garden -- to help demystify one aspect of wedding flowers for us: reception centerpieces. Read their helpful answers and insights below:

What is the biggest thing that engaged couples forget to consider in planning their centerpieces/reception flowers?
Sarah: One thing couples underestimate is the impact of centerpieces ... both on the budget and on the feel of the wedding. Your reception flowers will more than likely be the biggest piece of the floral budget. Not only that, but since the guests will be seeing them (eating near them, dancing around them, etc.) all night, centerpieces are a big part of your guests' experience. The other thing that couples often forget about is visibility. Depending on their height and breadth, your centerpieces can really affect the flow of conversation around a table!

Tamara: I think a lot of couples forget to take the setting into account when they plan their reception flowers. For instance, if your reception venue has a wonderful view, you may not want to obstruct that scenery with oversized centerpieces. It's also important to think of the style of the venue. For example, if the couple prefers a modern look in their personal aesthetic, but they've chosen a venue with a garden feel, it will take finesse to achieve a balance between the two styles - personal and venue.
nearly naked wedding cake on a rustic wooden stand
xerographica air plants & protea combine with soft florals to make a statement
dreamy reception table, xerographica air plants, protea, copper & brass
dreamy outdoor reception with suspended vases of flowers and succulents
Above: Planning by Emily Schiesl with LVL Events, Flowers by Petal Pusher, Cake by A Bakeshop

What are your favorite current trends in centerpieces and tablescapes?
Sarah: I love a low compote full of soft florals and greenery with lots of candles, or elevated arrangements with tons of wild greenery only. Nothing too structured or fussy. Wild, natural, and garden-esque are huge trends right now, and I love them!

Tamara: Creating layers! Use different levels of candles, smaller grouping of vessels, and incorporate risers to add more depth to tables. This creates so much visual interest! I also love when my clients opt for flowers with a larger impact such as orchids, hydrangea & garden roses.
vibrant outdoor reception with pink flowers and metallic accents
vibrant outdoor reception with pink flowers and metallic accents
vibrant outdoor reception with metallic accents in copper and bronze
xerographic air plant in a modern geometric terrarium
vibrant outdoor reception with pink flowers and metallic accents
Above: Planning by Imoni Events, Flowers by Sarah's Garden

If you could offer one piece of advice to couples about their reception flowers & centerpieces, what would it be?
Tamara: Trust your floral designer!! When you meet with them, bring some images to help convey what you generally like and dislike, but don't try to micro-manage the design. Remember, you hired creative professionals that want to make your day amazing! Give them the chance to do that!

Sarah: I would remind them that flowers will make their reception space come alive!! They make such an impact ... in my opinion, more so than lots of little details on the table (like a fancy menu, etc.) that your guests may overlook. Consider skipping some of those little things so that you can put more money into centerpieces and/or a beautiful floral focal piece, like a dramatic head table or interesting backdrop. It's all about prioritizing in order to make the most impact!

Thank you SO much to Tamara and Sarah for sharing these valuable insights and tips! I hope that you find them helpful as you begin planning your wedding flowers! For even more reception inspiration, click here to browse my reception Pinterest board!
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Expert florists share tips and insights for amazing wedding centerpieces!
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