top 10 most popular blog posts of 2016 -- most written for photographers and business owners
Ahh! I can't believe it's only a couple days until 2017! Crazy! Does anyone else know you're going to write "2016" on all of your checks for at least a month? haha! I do it every year! Making the transition to a new year is not always easy for me but it IS a great time to look back over the past year and reflect.

Today I'm sharing my top 10 (actually 11 this year due to a tie) most commented-on blog posts from 2016. This is something fun I do every year and it's great, because if you missed a popular post, this gives you a chance to get caught up!

It's always enlightening for me to look back on a year of blog posts and see what got you guys weighing in. This year's top posts are almost ALL posts I wrote for fellow photographers and business owners. I love that these are so popular and I will definitely keep them coming in 2017!

Click on the links below to view each post!

1 -- Photographing Group Portraits that are in Focus
2 -- Three Pieces of Flash Gear I Can't Live Without
3 -- A Favorite Tool for Wowing Potential Clients
4 -- You Can't Do Everything. 20 Things I Outsource
5 -- Five Things I've Learned in 10 Years of Blogging
6 -- Fifty Goals for your First Year in Business
7 -- Forest & Desert Engagement Shoot near Phoenix, Arizona
8 -- How to Find the Right Office Manager for an at Home Business
9 -- Eliminating the "Black Hole Effect" When Shooting with Flash
10 -- The #1 Marketing Opportunity Photographers are Missing
11 -- Dixie's Birthday Party
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