mismatched bridesmaids in pinks and green
When it comes to creating amazing style for bridesmaids, I have three words for you: mix and match. I love the trend for mismatched bridesmaids dresses so much, and I'm clearly not alone! Over the past few years, more and more brides have been accompanied by bridesmaids in a variety of dresses. There are several benefits to choosing mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Not only does it offer a great visual impact, but I've noticed that the bridesmaids themselves seem to feel more comfortable and confident in their wedding day finery. And depending on the style of your wedding, going the mix-and-match route might mean that your bridesmaids can actually wear their dresses again after the wedding!

Many brides WANT to have a mismatched bridal party, but they worry about how to do it right. Here are three tips that will help your mix-and-match bridesmaids look amazing!

1. Coordination!
A mix-and-match bridal party shouldn't match one another, but they do need to coordinate. So think carefully about the ways your ladies' looks should tie together. It can be a good idea to start by deciding on the overall look that you would like for the party. Formal and sophisticated, dainty and delicate, whimsical and bohemian ... describe your bridal party style, and make sure that you share it with your 'maids. Creating a Pinterest board can be a great way to show your bridesmaids the kind of style you're envisioning.

You will also want to think about the level of color coordination you're expecting. Do you want all of your ladies in specific shades, or just in general color families? Consider giving them a little swatch book or set of paint chips (especially if they live elsewhere and will be shopping on their own). If you're able to go shopping with your 'maids, do it! But if they go shopping separately, be sure to communicate with them throughout the process. When they're in a store, surrounded by gowns, your bridesmaids will be SO grateful for your guidance!
mismatched bridesmaids in pinks and green
loose bouquet of succulents and pink flowers
mismatched bridal party in the Phoenix desert
2. Variety!
There are SO many ways to accomplish a mix-and-match bridesmaid look! While color is an obvious way to add variety to your bridal party, don't forget about all of the other options. You can stay within a narrow color range and still achieve beautiful variety by adding pattern, mixing textures like beading or lace, playing with metallics and neutrals ... or all of the above! Break free of the perfectly matched expectations of the past and consider adding variety in ways beyond color. And, again, don't forget to communicate those decisions to your bridal party!
mismatched bridesmaids in blues and neutrals
mismatched bridesmaids in blue and gray
mismatched bridesmaids in blues and neutrals
It's easy to get caught up in all of the ways your bridesmaids dresses can differ from one another, but don't forget the ways that they need to be the same! To create a cohesive look it's usually best to keep the dresses to about the same length and similar silhouettes. While you probably want your bridesmaids to wear dresses that look and feel flattering on them, you will also want their style to tie together. On your big day, these ladies should look like a stylish bridal party, not a random collection of wedding guests. :) Keeping the length and general silhouette consistent will help to create a cohesive look that ties your bridal party together!
elegant mismatched bridesmaids in wine tones of purple
elegant mismatched bridesmaids in wine tones of purple
outdoor wedding ceremony in Phoenix
So if you're considering a mix-and-match bridal party -- we vote that you go for it! They are so fun! Just make sure to coordinate through a general look or feel, consider infusing the mix with variety beyond just color, and stick to a similar length or silhouette. Giving your maids some direction when picking their gowns that also allows for freedom for them to pick something THEY LOVE is sure to be a winning strategy when it comes to solidifying your bridal party style.
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How to create beautiful mismatched bridesmaid style
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