Interview with Melissa Jill about her Associate Photographer Program
I recently had the honor of being interviewed by Andrew Hellmich the founder of the popular Australian-based podcast PhotoBizXposed. I loved the format of the podcast as it was highly conversational and Andrew asked some really insightful questions. If you're interested in tuning in, you can hear the interview for free here.

Andrew asked a lot of questions regarding my associate photography program but we ended up talking about a wide-range of subjects. A few things we covered were:

What it's like to work with an all female crew in a photography business
My pricing structure for both me and my associate shooters
Where the largest portion of my business income is coming from
The combined number of weddings our team books each year
When it's the right time to hire an associate photographer into your business
Utilizing the power of branding to attract the kind of clients you want for your business
My reasons for using associate photographers
Where we get the majority of our inquiries
How much associate photographers earn per wedding and what’s expected from them
What happens during a phone call when an inquiry comes through
How associate photographers are assigned their clients
Why I shoot film and use medium format cameras
How we deal with the issue of varying styles between me and my associate photographers

Click here to listen in! And thanks to Andrew for this fun opportunity!

And if you're intrigued and interested in possibly starting an associate photographer program of your own, click here to take a short quiz and I'll send you some feedback to let you know if you're at a good place in your business journey to take that next step!
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