bride and groom sweet embrace
This wedding was like no other for me.

I attended the rehearsal luncheon as a guest.
I sat next to the mother of the groom during the reception.
And I was included in the father of the bride's toast.

Not my typical experience as a wedding photographer. This wedding was so special and somewhat surreal for me because both the bride and groom's families are cherished friends of mine. And, without me knowing it at the time, I played a part in bringing Dreyson and Shiloh together.

I attend a camp up in the mountains of Colorado every summer with a ministry I love called Forge. Dreyson's parents are on staff with Forge and have been mentors and spiritual leaders in my life for many years. A couple years back when I was at camp, I felt so impressed that I needed to invite Shiloh's family to Deep Camp. I have been friends with her parents since high school youth group days and just knew they were supposed to be there. At the time, I was thinking it was for the purposes of networking -- Shiloh's parents are raising up teams of missionaries to go to Papua New Guinea where they lived and served for over a decade, and Forge trains the type of people with hearts for work like that -- so I thought it would be a perfect fit. I wasn't match-making per se. But Shiloh and her family came to camp with me the following year and a friendship blossomed between Dreyson and Shiloh. A year later, he took her to prom, and the rest is history!

The moral of the story, I'm sure we can all agree, is that if I invite you to something, it's in your best interest to say "yes" -- haha!

It has warmed my heart to no end to see these two families I love brought together through marriage. I only wish I could figure out a way to be adopted by one of them so I could be a part of family reunions!

Dreyson and Shiloh tied the knot in Parker, Colorado, just outside of Denver. The day before their wedding, they met their immediate families at this sweet little historic white chapel in downtown Parker. There, each of their fathers spoke blessings over them and their families encircled them in prayer. It was such a meaningful prelude to their official commitment ceremony the next day.
historic white chapel in downtown Parker, Colorado
sweet prayer circle
intimate wedding day prayer circle
Wedding day family photo
Ahh! I love these people!

The day of the wedding was so full of emotion. Wait until you see the first look! In addition, the couple wrote their own vows, and as Dreyson pledged his commitment to Shiloh during the ceremony, I was brought to tears, and remember thinking they were some of the best I'd ever heard:

"I, Dreyson Lee Robertson, take you, Shiloh Rebekah Tartaglia, to be my wife. Since the moment we met, I have fallen deeper into a love for you that only God the Father could have given me. From the first time you made me blush to the first time you cried in my arms, God made it clear that having you in my arms was the closest I would come to having heaven on earth. I promise to have you, not because you are my possession but because I choose to embrace anything that comes our way. And I promise to hold you, not to try to chain you to me but rather so that you know that wherever you go, my arms will always be there to comfort you and shelter you. Should one day, we live in a mansion (which I know you would love) I want you to know that the many rooms and hallways could never contain my love for you. If we must live lost among the streets, I want you to know that my choice to cherish you will never be lost in me. I will love you as wrinkles begin to appear and our hearts begin to fade, as sickness makes itself known and as health passes away, I will love you. You will always be the most valuable thing I have ever held, and the most worthwhile thing I have ever defended. Unto death, I will choose you. And when you reach heavens gates, I promise to be the second one you see, smiling the same smile I possess now so that you know even then, my love has not faded. This is my most sacred vow, from this day forward."
delicate tulle bridesmaid's skirts
pearls, earrings, and wedding ring for wedding day
round diamond wedding ring
elegant lace wedding dress with beading hanging outdoors
delicate lace wedding dress with beading
bride hugging her mom on her wedding day
long grass field
wedding day first look outdoors
groom first look reaction to beautiful bride
bride and groom wedding day first look
bride and groom holding hands at first look
bride and groom holding hands
beautiful bride and groom outdoor first look photos
water stream
bride and groom hugging on their wedding day
bride and flower girl on wedding day
bridesmaids walking
bridesmaids white flower bouquet
outdoor bridal party photo
flower girls in light pink tulle dress with delicate flower crowns
bride and bridesmaid light pink and yellow flower bouquets
Navy and pink bridal party color scheme
delicate lace wedding dress with beading and veil
Light pink, white, yellow, wedding bouquet
navy and light pink suits for groomsmen
white lace bare foot sandals
half up half down braided loose curls for bridesmaid
bride and maid of honor light pink, white, light blue color scheme
navy and light pink suits for groomsmen
groom wearing a clean cut navy suit with striped white and pink tie
flower girls in light pink tulle dress with delicate flower crowns
delicate lace wedding dress with beading and veil
wedding up-do with veil
bride with delicate lace wedding dress with beading and veil, navy suit for groom
elegant outdoor wedding venue
beautiful potted red flowers
wedding guests
stringed lights for wedding venue
father walking daughter down the aisle
perfect biblical verses for a wedding
Romantic outdoor wedding venue
flower girls in light pink tulle dress with delicate flower crowns
hanging flower basket
bride and groom during wedding ceremony
Bride and groom first kiss
bride and groom sweet embrace
bride and groom first look in field of grass
bride and groom looking into each other's eyes
bride and groom first look in field of grass
delicate lace wedding dress with beading, veil and bouquet
bride wearing delicate lace wedding dress with veil and groom in navy suit
first dance wedding photo
bride and groom first dance
wedding pastries
bride and groom cake fight
bridesmaid's gold glitter nails and gold rings
bride and groom leaving ceremony
bride and groom just married car
Wedding Planner: Especially Yours Event Planning // Venue: PACE Center // Dress: Tova Marc // Officiant: John Boyd // Caterer: Rocky Mountain Catering // Flower girls dresses: Etsy


Equipment used for above photos (film gear for daylight, digital for reception): Contax 645 Film Camera // Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.0 Lens // Zeiss Distagon T* 45mm f/2.8 Lens // Fuji 400 & Portra 800 film // Film developed & scanned by Photovision // Canon 5D Mark III // Canon 50mm 1.2 lens // Canon 24mm 1.4 lens
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