how to harness the power of Pinterest for your business -- tips from an expert
As I mentioned a few months back -- in this post -- I regularly get inquiries from clients who find me on Pinterest. But that's only been recently. And while there's a number of things I've done to optimize my Pinterest strategy, there's one thing that has made the biggest difference.

Pinterest, like many social media platforms, gives preference to content that is trending. Your home feed is filled with the most popular pins that have gained the most traction from those Pinners you follow. When I was pinning here and there, Pinterest didn't see me as a regular contributor, so my pins received little attention and I gained very little traction on the platform. Once I got intentional and started pinning regularly, all that changed.

Of course, intending to pin regularly is one thing, actually doing it is another. Pinterest expert Alexandra Evjen told me I should be pinning at least 10 pins a day. But seriously, who has time for that!? Weddings, travel, and life just get in the way. Enter the magical Pinterest scheduling tool: Tailwind.

Tailwind has saved the day and been the biggest game-changer for me in generating clients and gaining traction on this platform. This tool makes it simple to schedule pins and re-pins in advance. So I can sit down and do a full week's worth of pins in one sitting. It even spreads them out and posts them to Pinterest automatically during times when my followers are most engaged and likely to see them. This has allowed me to be VERY consistent with Pinterest and see some results in the form of increased followers, increased click throughs to my site, and more client inquiries.

In addition to helping me to pin regularly and consistently, one of my favorite uses for Tailwind is scheduling my own content. We're all creating content and posting it on our own blogs, hoping that others will love it and pin it. But rather than just waiting and hoping this happens organically, we can be pro-active and pin our own stuff. Whenever I publish a new blog post, I schedule anywhere from 1 to 10 pins (depending on the type of post) using Tailwind. I pin my own content to my portfolio board, and other relevant wedding and business-related boards that I've created (click here to see my Pinterest profile). Tailwind allows me to shuffle my scheduled pins so they are randomized and the content from each blog post is then trickled out over time rather than all at once. I LOVE this feature, and it's allowed me to get my work and resources in front of a wider audience through this platform.

Here's a few screenshots of some of the pins I have proactively pinned from my blog that have gained a good bit of traction on Pinterest:
Another thing I love about Tailwind is that it gives me some basic analytics on how my Pinterest account is doing to help me track my progress:
Pinterest analytics on Tailwind
Tailwind is SO helpful, but honestly, it's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to utilizing Pinterest to drive traffic to your site and generate leads. If you want to learn more and really develop an intentional and lucrative Pinterest strategy, check out Alex’s online Pinterest classes and Facebook group here. I can’t recommend them highly enough! Alex knows her stuff and is such an amazing resource. Nearly everything I’ve learned to help me generate clients from Pinterest, I learned from her.

Alex’s online Pinterest classes cover four topics:
How to Craft the Perfect Pin
How to Grow Your Pinterest Following
How to Create a Strong Profile for your Business on Pinterest
How to Drive Traffic to your Website on Pinterest

And the amazing thing is that if you purchase one or all of these (you save $64 when you purchase all four!!) you get private access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions and get additional Pinterest-related support. I love this kind of thing because it ensures that you will get a great value for your investment!

Click here to access Alex's online Pinterest courses and start generating leads and growing your business using this powerful tool today!
how to harness the power of Pinterest for your business -- tips from an expert
How to harness the power of Pinterest for your business -- tips from an expert with nearly 1,000,000 Pinterest followers
Optimize your Pinterest strategy so that leads find YOU!
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