Bridesmaids in shades of gray, holding pink and coral bouquets, smile with the bride
Above: Hair by Emily Hughes

Weddings bring out a special kind of prettiness that most of us don't get to see in our everyday lives. Cake, flowers, dresses ... they're all taken to another level of elegance and beauty when they're for a wedding! The same holds true for hairstyles -- wedding hair is so pretty! There seem to be a million options for perfect wedding hair, so if you're a bride planning your wedding look, I can imagine that the possibilities might be a bit overwhelming! But when I was looking through a few (hundred) photos of beautiful wedding hairstyles, I noticed something: Most of these styles seem to be variations on one of four kinds of wedding hairstyles. Four hair styles are SO MUCH less intimidating! Here are the four core hair styles I've noticed among brides and bridesmaids:

Soft & Loose

Whether ironed straight, tightly curled, or formed into soft waves, I love to photograph brides with loose hair. It's so pretty, and it conveys an impression of effortless beauty. It can also provide such a lovely sense of movement!
Delicate bride in a dress with off-the-shoulder draping. Hair in long, loose waves. Pink bouquet
Delicate bride in a dress with off-the-shoulder draping. Hair in long, loose waves.
Beautiful young woman with long, dark curls and a smile one her face. Gorgeous hair
Bride in a delicate flower crown for a bohemian wedding. Long, loose waves of blonde hair
Bohemian dress and delicate flower crown for the bride. Blue suit for the groom.
Top: Hair by Emily Hughes | Bottom: Hair by Ciera Slade

Half Up, Half Down

A half up, half down hairstyle offers so much flexibility! The half that is up can be dressed in twists, braids, or buns, and the half that is down has all of the same options I mentioned above for loose hair. Together, the combinations are endless ... and super pretty! I love the creativity that I see in half up, half down hairstyles at weddings!
Wedding hair half up in twists and half loose in curls.
Soft wedding hair, half up in a braid and half in loose waves.
Bridesmaid in gray, draped dress with her hair in a modern, loose style. Pink flowers.
Bridesmaids in a grey, high-necked gown. Hair crowned in twists for a Grecian style.
Top: Hair by Nicole Zamora with My Hair Trip | Center & Bottom: Hair by Emily Hughes

Hanging Braid

A long braid -- whether it's a french braid, fishtail, or basic plait -- is such an easy, whimsical style. It's perfect for boho brides and beachy nuptials alike! And as a bonus, once the hair comes out of its braid, it falls naturally into beautiful, soft waves.
Groom in suspenders and bride in boho lace together in a golden field.
Beachy bride with her blonde hair in a fishtail braid.
Romantic embrace between a bride & groom on the beach.
Top: Hair by Jessica Fierro | Bottom: Hair by Jillian Michelle


An up-do is the classic bridal look, and there's a reason why! An up-do looks feminine and elegant, and it offers so many possibilities for interesting details. I love the current, looser kinds of up-do, but sleek and sophisticated is gorgeous as well!
Bride in a soft, low backed gown. Dark hair in an up-do with tiny, white flowers. Groom in blue
Bride in a soft, low backed gown. Orange bouquet. Dark hair in an up-do with tiny, white flowers.
Private laughter between the bride & groom
Elegant up-do with braids wrapping around a low bun. Bridal style
Sophisticated bridal style. Lace gown, coral flowers. Hair in an elegant up-do
Bride with elegant up-do with braids wrapping around a low bun. Handsome groom in blue.
Top: Hair by Emily Hughes | Center: Hair by Ruca Bowman with Hautie Rouge Salon | Bottom: Hair by Lillian Fogel

So many looks fit into four simple categories! I hope that this post helps to inspire you as you work with your hairstylist to plan your own unique wedding day style!

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These 4 core hairstyles have endless possibilities for your wedding look!
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