floral bridal robe
If you’re an engaged woman, chances are good you’ve spent A LOT of time thinking about what you’re going to wear on your wedding day. It’s possible that you’ve been thinking about it off and on since you were a little girl. And with all of the amazing wedding blogs, magazines, and bridal-themed Pinterest boards, no one would blame you if you’ve been doodling dresses and veils all over your notebooks and calendars ever since the moment you got engaged!

But what are you going to wear BEFORE you put on your wedding dress?

I adore capturing the moments while a bride gets ready – the private moments; the special little details of her jewelry and accessories; the sweet laughter and sharing with the loved ones who join her in the room – so I’ve seen quite a few brides in the hours before they don their wedding dress. Many brides get self-conscious about what they should wear when they decide to have their getting ready time photographed. But don't fret! I’ve seen brides getting ready in comfy pajamas with flip-flops, stunning coordinated robes, and everything in between! Here are a three of my favorite types of “getting ready” garb:

1. Monogrammed pajamas

I don't know why, but a monogram can make nearly anything look classier! Your elegantly embroidered initials can be a meaningful reminder of your family on this day when you'll be joining them together with your fiancé's family, and monograms also have the added bonus of being something you can add to any garment! So you can choose the pajamas that you feel most comfortable in -- be it a cotton tank top or tailored silk -- and have your monogram embroidered on it. Boom, instant getting ready outfit!
monogrammed bridal robe
monogrammed robe for bridesmaids
2. A lace romper

Lace is unquestionably bridal, evoking images of wedding dresses and veils. And rompers are cute, comfy, and provide the reassuring modesty of shorts. When you put the sweetness of lace together with the adorable comfort of a romper, you have one of my new favorite options for a bride to wear during her prep time!
lace bridal romper
bride getting her make-up on
pretty bridal manicure
3. A satin robe

There is a reason this is the quintessential choice for brides as they get ready for their wedding! There is something feminine and delicate about a satin robe! Just slipping one on can make you instantly feel more pampered and regal ... even if you're wearing it over your usual jammies. And as we mentioned in our post Bridesmaid Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank, a lovely satin robe can make a fabulous gift for your besties.
bridesmaids in floral silk robes from Pretty Plum Sugar
white and pink bridal bouquet with dahlias
floral bridal robe
floral bridesmaid robes
Your wedding day is all about YOU, so whatever you choose to wear while you get ready for the day should be something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! And when you look back at the photos of those precious moments before you step into your wedding dress, I hope you remember all of the laughter and joyful anticipation!

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3 fun & fashionable options for brides to wear while getting ready for their wedding

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