Is there anything better than getting mail? I'm talking about GOOD mail -- not bills or advertisements. Think about it ... You get the first rush of anticipation of wondering what lies inside the envelope or package. Then you open it up and there's a giddy enjoyment as you examine the contents. And finally you get to share the fun when you turn to someone else and exclaim, "You'll never guess what came in the mail today!"

So. Much. Fun!

That's just one of many reasons why I love wedding invitations. But besides being really, really good mail, they're also a chance for you and your fiancé to express yourselves and establish your wedding style right from the start. Nowadays there are so many possibilities for stylish invitations! I gathered 5 wedding invitation trends that I especially love, and I hope they inspire you as you start your planning journey!
1. Metallics

Metallics are so chic and so versatile! They can provide an extra touch of luxury or a hint of edge. I love that copper and rose gold are currently in vogue, but more traditional gold and silver are also gorgeous! And as we've learned from fashion and jewelry, mixed metals can make a beautiful impact!

The top image above shows just how rich and luxe a simple metallic can be. Written Word Calligraphy used gold ink on black paper for an elegant and sophisticated look. In the bottom invitation suite above, Wiley Valentine used bold metallic printing and papers against vivid turquoise and bold patterned envelope liners. It's a stunning combination!

Metallics can be a beautiful part of any style, from very traditional to ultra contemporary, and they can be a fairly affordable way to add zing to your invitations!
2. Unconventional Materials

Paper is the tried and true medium for invitations for a reason -- there is nothing more appropriate for printing and mailing -- but it's so fun to see invitations that incorporate creative materials as well. How amazing are the laser-cut wood invitations above by Page & Mason? I love how architectural they are, and how different they are from one another in style, even when made out of the same material! In the bottom photo, Idieh Design added touches of stamped copper to highlight both the texture and the shine of the metal. So pretty and unique!

Using an unconventional material in your wedding invitations can add extra excitement and innovation to the design process. And pointing out the cool, modern options for invitation materials might be a great way to generate interest from a fiancé who thinks wedding invitations are boring -- haha!
3. Custom Art

A custom drawing or painting can elevate your invitation from merely "pretty" to "work of art." I am madly in love with the soft and whimsical watercolor map created by Dear Sarah in the top image. It took the already lovely stationery by Vee Creative to a whole new level! The vibrant succulents on Keith & Annie's invitations by Celebrations in Paper and the colorful and intricate patterns Anna Reeser Design created for Fergus & Amanda's invitations both add energy and a fresh, creative vibe to the stationery. In the bottom photo, everything from the sunset color palette to the hand-drawn art make this suite by Kelly Ashworth Design perfectly dreamy!

Because custom artwork is ... well, custom, you can achieve nearly any effect you're looking for by finding the right artist to work with.
4. Hand lettering

If you have spent any time at ALL on Pinterest lately, then you've probably seen some amazing hand lettering. Once a dying art, hand lettering has been making a huge comeback, and when you look at the delicate and graceful invitations above, by the talented Foil & Ink, it's easy to see why! Hand lettered invitations bring a personal touch without sacrificing a single ounce of sophistication.

Like with custom artwork, you can find hand lettering artists to suit any style! So whether you love bold & graphic or ornate & embellished, there is a hand lettering artist for you!
5. Out-of-the-box presentation

If you want your wedding invitations to be unforgettable, this trend is for you! These invitations simply cannot be contained by an envelope! In the top set of photos, Lindsay & Trevor's chic black & white accordion invitations (by Tangé Design) were delivered in a white box decked in black ribbon and topped by a white silk flower. The entire presentation was so fun and memorable! The lower set of photos is of Blake & Dominique's mind-blowing invitations, created by The Paper Place and wedding planner Jennifer Ellis with White House Design Studio. Each guest received an elegantly packaged box containing an exquisite glass tray that held the invitation. Doesn't it look like a butler just stepped out of Downton Abbey to deliver it?

Whether you send your invitations in a Christmas stocking or iced onto a cookie, using an out-of-the-box presentation guarantees that all of your guests will be buzzing about the incredible invite they received and what the wedding to follow holds in store!

I hope this short list of some of my favorite invitation trends sparks your imagination! And I hope you're looking forward to the day when you send out your own invitations, sharing the joy of GOOD mail with your loved ones!

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5 wedding invitation trends that will spark your imagination!
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