I never thought I would start a photo booth company.

Just like I never thought I would start an associate photography team.
Just like I never thought I would start an album design company.
Hmmm ... I think I'm seeing a pattern develop here. haha!

But once again -- the stars aligned and it just seemed right. The common thread running through it all is that we're in the business of saving moments. And this just fit.

But I didn't want to start just any photo booth company. There are plenty out there. I wanted to create something unique. And that desire to create something unique revealed itself right away in the hard-fought process of trying to find a name.

It had to be just right. Not cheesy, not too obvious, not flippant, and most difficult of all ... not taken. In our name I wanted to capture the idea of providing a place where you could come together with your besties, your crew, your tribe, for the purpose of celebration. We don't do it enough. And when we do, we usually don't document it.

After weeks of endless brainstorming with the best brilliant minds I could assemble ... Rendezbooth was born. (Pronounced with a silent "Z" like "Rendezvous".)
I could talk more about it here, but more than anything, I'd love for you to jump over and get to know us through our brand new website!! I'm SO thrilled to unveil this today! Our logo, branding & ShowIt website design was created by Sarah Sandhaus with Electric Dreams Design. She captured the fun and quirky spirit of Rendezbooth perfectly and I'm so thrilled with the result! I also wanted to give a shout-out to my office manager, Alaine, who has played a huge part in getting us to this point as well. She has worn numerous hats including researcher, website copy writer, brand developer, photo booth technician, prop creator, and so much more. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing team!

Here is a screen shot of the home page of rendezbooth.com to give you a taste for what you will see when you click here to see it live! (Which you should most definitely do now.)
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