Above: Bouquet by Sarah's Garden

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand -- and I, for one, LOVE that! Getting to photograph pretty blooms is one of the perks of being a wedding photographer! Even after years in the wedding industry, I still find myself dazzled by the beauty that florists contribute to weddings. I also love that there are so many different kinds of flowers available nowadays. No matter what your style, theme or tastes, you can find the perfect flowers for your big day!

Although I see the variety of flowers available to engaged couples as a huge plus, I imagine that it can also be a bit overwhelming. I for one grew up knowing my roses from my tulips and that's about it! I can imagine it must be difficult to know what flowers you want in your wedding when you've never even HEARD of most of them before! I thought, who better to help us learn about flowers than the flower whisperers themselves -- Randi from Carte Blanche Design and Sarah from Sarah's Garden. I asked Randi and Sarah which flowers we amateurs might not be familiar with that they love in bouquets. Get ready to become more flower-literate my friends, because this is what they said:
wedding bouquet with anemones
wedding bouquet with anemones
Anemone – Anemones have a bold, modern feel. They make a fantastic, graphic impact whether they're grouped together or mixed with other kinds of flowers. They come in many colors (though I especially love the white ones with the black centers in the bouquet above, by Carte Blanche Design.

Delphinium – Delphinium are one of those fantastic flowers that you can get your hands on all year round! They grow in stalks called spikes that are covered in flowers, so depending on how they're used, they can add height and drama or be smaller, supporting players. They are available in pink, white, blue and purple.

Clematis – Clematis are delicate, star-shaped flowers that look wild and spring-like. They grow on flowering vine, so they can provide movement to a bouquet or arrangement. They are available in the spring & summer.
bright wedding bouquet featuring purple Lisianthus
Lisianthus – On first glance, the cupped flower of the lisianthus might remind you a bit of a rose, but it has a beauty all its own! You can see vivid purple lisianthus in the bouquet above by Carte Blanche Design. You can find lisianthus year round in a wide array of colors.

Ranunculus – Ranunculus are such versatile flowers! They are round flowers with layers and layers of round petals, and depending on the arrangement they can look tidy & tailored or wild & free. They are available in many different colors and sizes. There are ranunculus in orange, yellow, and bright pink in the bouquet above.

Chamomile – If you love the just-picked look of wildflowers, chamomile might be for you! They look much like tiny daisies, and they have a lovely fragrance. Chamomile are summer flowers.
protea bouquet
airplant and protea
Protea – Protea bring the drama! These unique flowers bring a modern edge and a sculptural element to an arrangement. In the arrangement above, by Petal Pusher, you can see a coral pink protea nestled among softer flowers.

Air plants Air plants are so distinctive and special! Since they provide a hint of the desert, they can be a creative alternative to succulents, and their dusty green coloration is a great neutral to pair with brighter colors. There is a xerografia air plant in the arrangement above on the right.

Hellebore – Both Randi and Sarah mentioned hellebore, so it's definitely a flower to pay attention to! These buttercup-like flowers are sweet and so pretty! They come in tons of colors, and even in patterns (like speckles and swirls on the petals). Since they bloom winter through spring, hellebore is perfect for winter weddings.
succulent bridesmaid bouquet with sweet peas
Sweet Peas – Delicate and pretty, sweet peas provide a soft fluffy texture to any bouquet. They also have a sweet fragrance that will have you sniffing your bouquet all day long!

Snowberries – Snowberries are smooth, glossy clusters of berries that hold up well in a bouquet. I love the way they contrast with the softer, ruffled texture of the other flowers in a bouquet! You can spot snowberries in the bridesmaids bouquet on the left, by Carte Blanche Design Snowberries come in white, red, violet and pink.

Hanging Amaranthus – Hanging amaranthus provides cascades of color that look almost like ropes of flowers. These autumn flowers come in red, bronze and green, and they bring really fun movement and life to a bouquet.
gorgeous pink peony wedding bouquet
While both of my expert florist friends offered great suggestions for cool flowers that you may never have heard of, I have to admit that some of the more common wedding flowers also pack a punch. Peonies are a popular, sought after flower for bouquets, and looking at the bouquet above, by Sarah's Garden, I can see why! The full, fluffy romance of a peony is hard to beat! When they're out of season, peonies can be very expensive, so you might consider garden roses for a similar dreamy look at a more reasonable price point.

I loved learning about the flowers that Randi & Sarah suggested! I hope that you find this list helpful as you begin planning your wedding flowers and dreaming of your bouquet! For even more floral inspiration, click here to browse our Pinterest board!
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This list will help you find the perfect wedding flowers ... that you didn't even know existed!
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