Exciting news!! Our team is growing! I'm so thrilled to introduce you to Rennai -- our newest member!

Rennai is grounded, down-to-earth, and makes quick friends. She is married with two kids, is an Arizona native, and huge dog-lover (which wins extra points in my book!) She's got a big heart for others and I can't wait for our clients to get to know her!
Here is some of Rennai's beautiful work (all photos taken during weddings second shooting for Charity Maurer):
Click here to get to know Rennai a bit and see even more of her work!

And if you're a bride who loves the quality, service and unique style of Melissa Jill Photography, but can't justify spending $5,500+ on your wedding photography the great news is you can still receive many of the benefits that come with the Melissa Jill brand. Click on the "associates" button under the "about us" tab in the above navigation to find out more about how our associate program works. Then use the contact form to communicate about your wedding and we will match you up with the photographer who is available on your wedding date and fits your budget needs!
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