Planning a wedding is a little bit like running a marathon -- it takes a lot of preparation and endurance, but in the end it's such an incredible accomplishment! But before you get to the finish line, there are so many details to remember that some of them might slip through the cracks ... and that can lead to a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for you as the bride. We always recommend looking to your wedding planner for help and guidance, but if you're planning your wedding yourself or if you're a hands-on kind of bride, it can be a lot to take on and carry all on your own. We never want any of our brides to feel stressed on their wedding day, that's why we've gathered this list of 12 wedding planning details that are going to ease your mind, take the weight off your shoulders, and help you to be stress-free on the day of your wedding.

1. Timeline
Of course having a schedule can’t guarantee a day with no hiccups, but a clear timeline of events will set your mind at ease & keep your guests informed. It’s a good idea to have two separate timelines for the day. Create a detailed timeline for the wedding party and anyone else involve in the wedding, providing an hour-to-hour outline of all of the wedding day events. Then make a more simplified itinerary for guests, to include on the wedding program. This might cover the locations and times of the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. These two timelines will ensure that everyone knows where they should be and what they should be doing throughout the wedding day... without you having to point them in the right direction. Our Ideal Wedding Day Timeline quiz is a great starting point as you begin building your timeline!

2. Marriage License
This might seem like a no-brainer for some, but a surprising number of couples forget to get their license beforehand. It’s crucial if you want your wedding to be official and legal, so be sure to do your research ahead of time. Check with your local jurisdiction well before the wedding to find out when you can pick up your marriage license and what you need to bring to the courthouse, because sometimes there are deadlines and specific procedures to follow. Once you know how to acquire your marriage license, you can check one more thing off your list!

3. Rain Plan
Weather can be unpredictable -- even here in Arizona! If your wedding is completely outdoors, a rain plan is a must-have. Make sure you have a back-up plan for your ceremony and reception if it rains. It's also a good idea to double-check with your photographer to see if they have a good plan for adjusting to rain when it comes to portraits. We always make sure to have some cute clear umbrellas on hand for just such a time. Having a rain plan in place means that you don't have to fear the weather! Your wedding can be lovely, rain or shine.

4. Delegate!
Often the bride and groom feel that because it’s their wedding, they must do everything themselves. Not so! Your bridal party, family, and vendors are there to help! Don’t hesitate to delegate jobs and responsibilities for the big day. Not only will this take away a lot of your stress, it will also help things run more smoothly -- you’re not Wonder Woman after all! You can assign someone to be in charge of loading gifts, taking home any décor you plan to keep, bagging your wedding gown when the day is over... all kinds of important little tasks that you don’t need to be worrying about on your wedding day!
5. Snacks
There’s nothing worse than a hangry bride! You might not have much time to eat actual meals, so make sure you have a few snacks packed. Even during cocktail hour and the reception, guests and loved ones will want to congratulate you and catch up. Having a quick snack on hand can be a lifesaver.

6. Tip Envelopes
Prepare tip envelopes for the vendors ahead of time and give them to someone you trust. (This is one of those tasks to delegate!) Clearly label each one and have the designated person hand them out when it's appropriate. Knowing that the tips are taken care of ahead of time means that you can enjoy your wedding day without stressing about tips and gratuities.

7. Emergency Kit & Touch Up Bag
Weddings are all-day events and it’s common for something -- however small -- to go wrong. Have an emergency kit prepared with all the essentials, just in case that something happens to be your dress. This might include stain remover, a sewing kit, safety pins, double-sided tape, etc. And if your hair and make-up artists won’t be present all day, pack a little bag for touch ups and entrust it to one of your bridesmaids. Makeup artist Arielle Rondeau has a few suggestions for what to include in your minimal touch-up kit.

8. Comfortable Shoes
Most brides' wedding shoes are gorgeous, but not super comfy. And since you’ll probably be on your feet a LOT on your wedding day, having an extra pair of flats or comfortable shoes can be essential to your sanity! Make sure you have some cushy shoes on hand to change into for dancing. Band-Aids and insoles may be helpful, as well ... especially if you forget to break in your wedding day shoes. Oh, and that's another good tip! Take the time to break in your shoes before the wedding. Your feet will thank you later!
9. Vendor Meals
Vendors are people too! Don’t forget to feed the amazing team behind your big day. Melissa wrote an entire blog post about feeding your photographers, but the short version is this: Check in with your vendors to determine how many meals they will need, and then talk to your caterer to find out what your options are for feeding them. Many caterers offer a less expensive vendor meal option.

10. Photo Wrangler
This may sound like the job title of a circus employee, but we are 100% serious! Your photographer will not know your extended family by sight, and that makes rounding up your family members for portraits a little more difficult. Take a moment to think about who in your family is great at organizing people, and assign them the job of “photo wrangler.” It will make the family portraits go much more smoothly, so you can relax and focus on just looking great in your photos, instead of on organizing them.

11. Overnight Bag & Next-Day Plan
When all of your attention is on the wedding, it might be difficult to remember that life goes on AFTER the big day! If you’re staying at a hotel after the wedding, make sure you have an overnight bag packed with all your essentials. If you’re heading out to your honeymoon, packing your vacation suitcase well ahead of time will mean one less thing to worry about as the wedding nears. It’s also a good idea to arrange transportation to the hotel and airport ahead of time. This way you won't be standing in your wedding gown, waiting for Uber!

12. The Exit
The exit can be almost as important as the entrance! Don’t forget to think about what kind of send-off you want for your wedding day. If your photographer won’t be staying for the entire night, you could arrange a fun exit from the ceremony instead of from the reception. Walking out of the church doors is always a classic send-off photo. If you have your photographer stay for the whole night, sparklers are a popular way to end the night. You definitely don't NEED to have formal send-off, but putting some thought into how you want to wrap up the night is a good idea either way.
Whew! That was a long list! If it seems a little overwhelming, there are two things to keep in mind. First, if you hire an experienced wedding planner, he or she will remember many of these things FOR you! The wedding planner's main job is to take worries and work off your plate so that the wedding runs smoothly with less effort from you! Second, you will probably need to roll with the punches at least a little bit on your wedding day. All the lists and preparation in the world can't guarantee a completely perfect day. But if you plan ahead and are willing to be flexible, you can enjoy an amazing, memorable day despite any little hiccups that may occur.
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12 wedding planning details that will help ease your mind as you plan your day!
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