Hands up if you have profiles and accounts on four or more social media platforms? It seems like there are a million possibilities for sharing and connecting with your friends and clients nowadays. At times it can be hard to keep up! That's why NOW is the time to find the tools that make your social media presence more powerful and consistent -- making it easier to manage the craziness! And since Instagram is not only one of my favorite platforms, but is also super-popular among my fellow photographers, I wanted to share two tools that are making a big difference in how I utilize Instagram for my businesses.

1 -- Planoly
Planoly is an Instagram scheduling tool that offers visual, drag-and-drop planning. Since Instagram is such a visual platform, and since images are … kind of my job, it's important to me that my feed have a consistent look and attractive composition. So I really love the way Planoly displays my feed and lets me preview what it will look like with my future posts. If I'm not sure which of a few images will look best next in my grid, I can just drag them into place, right on my screen. So easy!
Planoly is also reasonably priced for a single user (only $7 per month), which works out perfectly for me, since I use it to schedule my personal Instagram. When it's time to post my scheduled image, I get a push notification to my phone and it takes just a minute to finalize the post.

2 -- Schedugr.am
Schedugr.am is an Instagram planning tool that lets you schedule your content, and then at the pre-determined time it posts them to your Instagram feed WITHOUT requiring any action from you. Amazing, right? I can be at a wedding or in a client meeting with my phone turned off and still have my posts go live! This automated posting is a huge plus to using Schedugr.am. I recently started using it for our Align Album Design account, and it's been such a time-saver!

Schedugr.am runs $20 per month for an account with 10k followers or less. If you have a business Instagram account for which you can plan your content in advance, it's a big help! Bonus: if you sign up using my referral link, you get a $5 credit (and so do I). :)
I love Instagram AND I'm all about streamlining and simplifying, so finding these two apps was a win-win for me! They're both awesome in completely different ways. Check out Planoly and Schedugr.am, and see if one (or both of them!) might be right for you.

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Simplify and streamline your Instagram strategy with these 2 awesome apps!
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