Eyeliner expertly applied by a makeup artist.
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If there is one day that all eyes are on you, it's your wedding day. So it's no surprise that bridal makeup is a BIG deal! I love to see the confidence and joy that brides feel when they know they look amazing on their big day -- it's one of the things that makes capturing their wedding day so much fun! But wedding makeup and bridal beauty can be a little intimidating. Even though many women wear makeup every day, most of us don't get red-carpet, professional hair and makeup very often. So unless you're Beyoncé, you might have a few questions! I'm lucky enough to work with fantastic makeup artists on a regular basis, so I reached out to one of the best, Arielle Rondeau, to ask her to share her expertise.
Makeup artist Arielle Rondeau works on her beautiful bride.
What are the top three long-lasting lipsticks you would recommend to brides?
CHANEL makes the VERY best long wear lip colors! The formula that I love to use on my clients is called Ultra Wear Lip Color (Rouge Double Intensité). My 3 favorite go-to bridal colors in this formula are: Tender Beige, Light Rose or Soft Rose.

Is there any aspect of wedding makeup that brides are usually surprised by?
Brides are usually most surprised by how well the makeup lasts. There's always a thought that they'll have to touch-up several times throughout the day, or that by 9 o'clock their makeup won't be looking great on the dance floor. Though a little powder touch-up or lip touch-up doesn't hurt, especially in our hotter months here in Arizona, I truly believe that makeup only looks better over time, as it becomes more like skin. The radiance from the happiest day of a bride's life shows, and the makeup only further compliments that happiness.
Bride with soft, natural makeup and rosy lips.
Groom in blue double-breasted suit & bride in flowing Houghton gown. Orange flowers and ferns.
What should be in every bride's "beauty emergency" kit on her wedding day?
A bride's "beauty emergency" kit should involve a great makeup artist who works with great makeup products! :) A bride has SO many other things to focus on on her wedding day, rather than worrying about her makeup. If she hires a professional with great, long lasting products, she will not need to have a kit on hand. Brides should be pampered on their wedding day so that they can enjoy every moment of it! If there IS a makeup need or a thought that you might have one throughout the day, have your artist stay on to be your emergency kit. If this isn't possible, a long lasting lip color, a Bobbi Brown touch-up stick and a pressed powder are great essentials to have on hand.

Do you see any rising trends in bridal beauty?
Natural beauty. In 2013, 2014 and even a little in 2015, we saw a trend in brides asking to be contoured with over-stated brows. I referred to this time as a contour epidemic. :) Now I'm seeing and hearing fewer requests for this dramatic look. Brides are embracing their natural beauty and looking for makeup that makes them feel their most beautiful, but still recognizable to their partner and to their guests. Brows are softer but still defined, cheeks are flushed and radiant, and skin tone colors are a natural match.
Bridesmaids in drape, neutral gowns surround the bride. Wedding style!
Dark haired bride with loose hair and soft makeup.
What is the #1 most important thing you want brides to know?
Your wedding day is your day and it's unique to every bride. Don't worry about the latest makeup trend -- if your makeup complements your natural features, you will look like you at your most beautiful. You will love your bridal makeup and your photos forever! Make sure to have a makeup trial done so that you can get to know your artist and have the bridal look that is completely yours!

Thank you so much for sharing your tips and expertise, Arielle!
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An expert makeup artist answers your bridal beauty questions!
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